Prop 8 needs your help!

The evildoing pinhead cromags who sponsored Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage amendment that’ll be on the California ballots in less than a month, are winning ever so slightly in the polls.  And this only happened after they put out an ad that implies that churches will be forced to perform same-sex marriages if the proposition doesn’t pass–which is ridiculous. 

Right now gay marriage is ALREADY legal in California, and if the proposition fails, as all right-minded people who love equality and love marriage know, nothing will be different than how things already are.  As we speak, in California, same-sex marriages are totally legal, but no one is coerced into performing them against their will.  And really, what gay couple wants to be married by people who hate them and want to preach hellfire to them for where they wag their lawfully wedded wieners?  It’s kind of a ridiculous argument for bigotry, but these lies are winning the swing voters.

However… there is a new ad created to fight these lies.  And this thing can have teeth if we all rally behind it.

I was just in a meeting for my own company, and we learned that despite the downturn in the economy, television media continues to drive revenues to most businesses solidly and predictably.  Politicians know this, which is why getting campaign financing is always so important, because that’s what pays for those expensive ads.  If we can get this anti-Prop 8 commercial running all the time, we really can turn the tide back to sanity.

Here’s where to go to donate.  I just gave $50.  Give what you can if you love love.


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