Connecticut legalizes same-sex marriage

I have to admit, in all the hoopla about the debates and fires and stuff this week in California, I neglected to check out what was happening on the East Coast.

Good for them!  It does feel like the walls against gay rights are crumbling state by state.  The states-rights approach to gay marriage may not in the long run be the best move for gays in other states, but hell, what couple wants to wait another forty or fifty years for the rest of the culture to come around?

Even in Connecticut, it was a narrow State Supreme Court decision, 4-3.  Of course, the dissenters pulled out that old ridiculous chestnut about baby-making:

The court was sharply divided in the decision, with three justices issuing separate dissenting opinions.

Justice Peter T. Zarella wrote that he believes there is no fundamental right to same-sex marriage, and the court’s majority failed to discuss the purpose of marriage laws, which he said is to “privilege and regulate procreative conduct.”

I can’t wait until Justice Zarella tells his menopausal aunt, or his cousin with the vasectomy, or his neighbor with partial paralysis that they fail to meet the criteria for getting married because they can’t procreate!  What a bigoted asshole.


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