Prop. 8 supporters compare gays to Nazis

Literally.  These pro-Prop 8 supporters say that if we allow same-sex marriages to stay legal, we’re just as bad as Germans who allowed Hitler to stay in power.

What is it with conservatives and shitty analogies and bogus metaphors?  Obama is somehow a Marxist, and now gays are Nazis.  Sure, the Nazis had a good design ethic and liked to see a man in uniform, but the similarities stop there!  Hitler annexed the Sudetenland, not the Su-gay-tenland!

Anyway, I hope everybody and their mom has seen through the lies that the Yes on 8 bigots have started adding to their commercials.  This proposition’s success or failure has NO bearing on what tax-exempt churches will or will not be able to do (gay marriage is ALREADY legal, and your fundie church isn’t doing gay marriages, now is it?).  And it has NO bearing on what kids are taught about gays.  Currently there are school districts where the subject is broached (and has been for years) and school districts where it is verboten, and state law really has no bearing on what kids are taught.

So go to the polls!  Even if you know Obama will win, go to the polls and vote NO on proposition 8!  If you love gays, if you love freedom, if you love marriage, if you love stability, and if you love being Californian, go and vote NO on 8!  And give generously to the No on 8 fund, which is being brutally outspent by religious bigots across the country who are donating millions to stop us from enjoying the out-of-the-closet acceptance of gay marriage that they have successfully squashed in their own states.

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