Sarah Palin and the Fabulous Stains

I watched McCain’s concession speech last night, which was actually a fantastic and warm speech.  Say what you will about the ugly campaign McCain ran, and his warmongering attitudes toward foreign nations, his lust over offshore drilling, and his crummy voting record.  I think this dude is still the man he was eight years ago in his heart, a moderate and somewhat rational leader in a house of nutso.  He would have been a better president than any Bush ever was if we’d had the misfortune to see him get elected.

However, I couldn’t help but notice as I looked through the crowd at his acceptance speech…

…there are a scores of women in the audience un-ironically dressing up in bangs and glasses just like Sarah Palin!  Watch the footage with an eye towards the crowd, and tell me you don’t see some serious mimickry.  And this ain’t no Tina Fey rendition–this is an honest-to-god appropriation of Palin’s style in lieu of her substance, or lack thereof.  It reminded me way too much of this scene in the Fabulous Stains:

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