my predictions for Fox News and Republican spin

"I Predict!"

Now that Obama will soon be President, and will have a relatively safe Democratic majority in Congress to help him implement a new and progressive vision for America, look out for the biggest punditory flip-flop in recent history.  Conservative talking heads will soon be bending over backwards to contradict everything they ever espoused about how the political process should work.

  1. The phrase “legislating from the bench” in regards to judicial rulings will disappear from the lips of conservative pundits, as the Judicial Branch is now arguably the only conservative-leaning branch of government.
  2. Pundits will stop bitching about filibusters as if they are a nuisance that prevents work from getting done.  Instead, they’ll be portrayed as heroic attempts to curtail big government.
  3. Conservatives in Congress as well as in the press will accuse Obama of secrecy or even tyranny if he ever once evokes Executive Privilege.  The name “Stalin” might be bandied about.
  4. Unitary Executive Theory?  Is that a ballet outfit?
  5. After an initial round of bashing Obama for judicial litmus tests, we’ll see Republicans in Congress getting all huffy and filibustery and apply litmus tests of their own the moment Obama starts appointing Supreme Court Justices–which complements my other prediction, that at least a couple justices will retire the moment Obama is sworn in.

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