a little comedy from Fox News

This is so funny.  What’s the point in replying when the posts answer themselves?

You arragont democrat.. I have been supporting my family and working and paying taxes for you stubid people way to long… and i have lost my job a few times.. every time your stubid democrats get in charge and mess the economy…
I will comprimise.. tell you what to not take any more of my money and let me decide where i want to spend it.. how is that..
You are clueless… obvious. I worked mydelf through college, raised a family and managed to not aske the governemnt for any help.. so do not pratronize us real performers in america.. you takers are dependent on us .. so suck it up..

There’s so much to love about this quote.  I won’t get into the amazing misspellings, but really, you went to college and think you never got any government help?  You didn’t learn that grammar at a private school.  And if you did, you should ask for your money back.

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