Bob Bogle from the Ventures, R.I.P.

Goddam it, first Iran falls into chaos due to lies about election results, and then the rhythm guitarist of one of the best all-time guitar bands dies!

Like me, he was originally an Okie, but unlike me, he made music that inspired a generation of musicians!  As Deke Dickerson says in this obituary from the Washington Post:

There were instrumental hits before the Ventures, with acts like Duane Eddy and Link Wray and even bands like the Champs, but the Ventures really started a revolution with their first hit, “Walk Don’t Run.” Suddenly there were thousands of groups all over the country playing instrumentals, and the Ventures were their template. If you need a soundbite–there had been small fires in the bushes before, but the Ventures “Walk Don’t Run” was like an out of control forest fire–it changed everything.

Life sucks, that all our heroes have to die.  But the Ventures music will always have a special place in my heart, and in the world.  Especially Japan.

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