Michael J. Nelson, why did you break my heart?

Okay, so this is a personal request, done late late late in the day.  But can I ask why one of my personal heroes is a right-wing fuck, and has been for years?

Well, let me say this, I read the National Review cover to cover.  Check in at Townhall.com every day.  Check the Washington Times daily.  Listen to Dennis Prager and Michael Medved on a regular basis.  Read Mark Steyn with regularity.  Read the Weekly Standard.  So, yes, I do vote Republican.  As the pundit Hugh Hewitt has observed, there are indeed two Americas: Serious America and Silly America.  The Democrats seem bent on turning this into Silly America, so I stick with those who wish this to remain Serious America.

 So, now that it’s six or so years since you said those flippant words, and Bush has proven to be the most wasteful, unconstitutional, and deceitful president we’ve ever had, can I get a retraction from the man whose comedy I love so dearly?  I can understand that as the writer and actor on an underdog show, Mike Nelson might have sympathy for Bush, a president whose lack of popularity surely puts him in the “cult following” category of presidents such as Fillmore or Taft.  But jeezuz, Nelson, your show is so much better than your politics.  Maybe your inability to see the continuity between Republican pro-rich policies and the current economic fiasco we’re in stems from watching all those plotless Coleman Francis movies?

The best thing I can say about Nelson is that because he never wore his politics on his sleeve, he was able to make me laugh, and poke fun at movies without revealing how truly enthused he was about some of their saccharine religious plot-points.  But jeezuz, your people destroyed our country.  I hope Joel Hodgson rips your heart out of your chest with his teeth and videotapes it, so he can make fun of it later.

74 thoughts on “Michael J. Nelson, why did you break my heart?

  1. Actually Mike did wear his politics on his sleeve during the show. He did it in about the only way he could, making jokes about Ted Kennedy and Kennedy, Jr. Kind of off-putting when you connect it to his politics. I guess he couldn’t keep the show and his politics separate.

      1. Exactly. The vitriol spewed in the name of partisan politics is almost unreal. MST3k/RiffTrax are putting out humorous content with no perceived intentions of political sway. The cognitive dissonance in OP’s post says it all, “one of my personal heroes is a right-wing fuck”. Seriously OP, let up the partisan bullshit, enjoy the jokes that are funny, and dismiss the ones that aren’t. Employ a healthy dose of stoicism towards political ideologies.

    1. Devils advocate here, But if so at least he is subtle, The flipside are types like Trevor Noah and John Oliver who NEVER shut up about politics, and push their beliefs with the zeal of religious fanatics.

      1. To be fair, they wear their politics on their sleeves as political comedians. In fact, they’re better described as political pundits that are comedic.

      2. Their shows are about politics. It’s like complaining that the weatherman keeps talking about sun and rain.

  2. Yes, I just recently found this out and I almost wanted to throw up. I felt sick. I felt betrayed. I know I shouldn’t have, but it was a feeling of watching and reading this man’s work for over a decade that gave me the clear-cut impression the MST gang always seemed more liberal, their jokes much more appreciated by a liberal mind-set than a conservative. This comes from personal experience and people I’ve known offended by some of their jokes/skits who were always Republican but never the Democrats. If he had said outright earlier…if he had said it in a book…at a convention…but instead the jokes on MST have a much more liberal slant, his books at most Libertarian, uprooting his life to move to the most liberal state in our Union…

    Yes, I felt sick. Still do. I want to look at him the same way I always did but I can’t. It would have been better if he had never said anything and each side could have formed their opinions, pegged him however suited their needs and been happier for it.

    1. The best riff of mst3k, in the “Hobgoblins” episode, and said by Mike Nelson, was “It’s the eighties, do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan”. Mike Nelson was asked his political views, which are frankly private, and he simply stated them. He’s not an activist or pundit, and he’s not any funnier for being a conservative.

      1. that quote isn’t funny anymore because of fucking nerds such as yourself quoting it over and over again. it’s the same problem with monty python, too many god damn nerds quoting them non stop and ruining it for everybody else. assholes.

      2. Or any less funny. Ask Bill Maher. He will explain plainly that some of the best people he knew in college happened to be Republican and some of the worst, most pathetic, most unbearable, were liberals and Dems, because in reality, among PEOPLE, it doesn’t make the difference a tiny few of you wish it did, PRODIGALSONNYBONO with the shattered crush on Mike Nelson of Mst3k.

      3. We admit to having a MAJOR crush on Mike! And we want to marry him! But we would definitely cuckold him with TV’s Frank and let Jonah Ray raise the children.

    2. My God, the strange aches that make you princesses these days want to THROW UP. You can’t communicate without that silly nasty banal unoriginal unimaginative expression ready to go at all times. BOTH SIDES DO. Joel wore his standard regimental Democrat politics all over himself and the Bots did too, at that time, though nothing like Joel did. It was constant. Everything negative was white folks being full of it, and the less it actually had to do with anyone’s RACE, the better he seemed to like making it about The White Evil. These days, his angle on all that is hopelessly out-of-date, much of it anyway, and much else of it, I shoutingly agreed with and still do. But Joel likes God, princesses, and he SAID SO, so be careful not to be not cool! Ew, don’t do that!!!!! Somebody might come along and tear your heart out of your chest with their teeth. You SWEET thing.

  3. Not all the jokes from MST3K were liberal. I recall the Unitarian joke in Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders. I know there were more, I just don’t remember any others.

    I got distinct conservative vibes from some of his books, but he never said anything outright.

    Anyway, whatevs. Conservatives, congratulate yourselves! You have one (1) member who is actually funny. On purpose, I mean. Now get 10 more and you might try resurecting your disasterous “Conservative Daily Show” idea.

    1. I came here searching because I heard Mike Nelson say in his first episode as host (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die) that he felt “clear,” and it frightened me sick that he might all along have been a scientologist, where I draw the line on everyone. I’m still not sure, either.

  4. Join the club….as a conservative, I,m frequently god smacked seeing some of my favorites spouting off Noam Chomsky -like blatherings….I would never have guessed Nelson was conservative from his MST, Crew, Rifftrax performances. Cinematic Titanic does have some lefty political bias…..how else did they get through the entire riff of OOZING SKULL without a single comment regarding the big dumb hulking goon who just happened to be named GORE? At last Novembers Newark live show, Frank Coniff did some bit regarding Texas school board book censorship that silenced the crowd like EF Hutton….unless youre a political performer, why piss off half your audience? I can live with Frank’s ideological disability, if you libs can live with Mike’s brilliant observations

    1. Don’t defend the Texas State School Board. Their political bias is so obvious you can taste it in the air (it tastes like urine and blood with a hint of bile). They specifically chose conservative racist textbooks on purpose, and that purpose was to make Texas’ children more conservative and more racist. Unless they were going for reverse psychology, but I doubt it.

      1. To reiterate, I DON’T CARE what church , ethnicity or political party the Mst3k, CT or Rifftrax crews align themselves….i just request that they keep it funny & leave most of their personal bias at the door….the texas school board crack Frank made got 0.0 laughs, reason enough not to do it….Coniff posts tons of harshly partisan Tweets on his twitter account, some of them are funny, most arent…theyre all free for libs to enjoy & non libs to skip, and since theyre personal rants, unrelated to CT, i have no complaints about it.

      2. See, that’s YOUR way. Tell others what not to do. Bet you have a well-exercised scoldy-finger.

  5. I agree 100% I really thought such a funny guy would be at least a bit more intelligent than your average joe fucktard but apparently not. He is also a devout protestant who is in denial about the horrible things religion has done in history and blames secularism solely for nazism, communism and he claims many other horrible things. Fuck Mike Nelson. Oh well chances are one day hell get caught railing a gay prostitue like so many other conservatives, Haggard anyone?

    1. You are the stupid and arrogant for thinking all republicans are dumbasses and democrats are smart. Stop thinking with such a narrow mind and grow up. Nothing is black and white in this reality. Not all conservatives are monsters and not all democrates are saints, they are all humans though.

    2. jeez you msties really are a bunch of childish mother fuckers, aren’t you? caught banging a gay prostitute, is that the best you can do, dipshit????

  6. >Bush the most unconstitutional president in history
    >Obama has started a war without asking Congress (like Bush did), has extended and used the Patriot Act extensively, has given the TSA and Homeland Security sweeping new police state powers, and has kept Gitmo open and even more obscure

    The liberal mind truly is a wondrous thing to behold. Go ahead and delete this comment, though. You probably have no answer to it anyway.

      1. The stunning intellect of a lefty, perfectly demonstrated here, in the form of a childish insult followed by no knowledge or logic to contest the statements he blindly disagrees with.

  7. Glad to see liberals are still tolerant of other points of view. Too bad Mike Nelson is still brilliant and successful at what he does. It would be better for you if he was as dumb as Al Gore or the current VP, Menza man.

  8. First, let me defend the Ted Kennedy jokes by saying that plenty of comedians in the last 30 years have made fun of Ted Kennedy. Heck, Letterman did it all the damn time, and yet he also made fun of both George Bushes. If you recall, however, MST3K made fun of conservatives as well. Remember “Danger: Diabolik” when all the people at the press conference were laughing under the influence of Diabolik’s “exhilarating gas”? Kevin Murphy’s riff was, “Dan Quayle announces his candidacy!” In the RiffTrax treatment of Star Wars: Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith, at one point he said in response to Hayden Christiansen’s wooden performance, “Let’s face it, Lou Dobbs is a better actor than me.” Yes, I’m this much of a fan.

    I happen to disagree with him politically, but he has not been completely unfair. As head writer on MST3K for most of its run, he could have nixed all the jokes about conservatives and just pounded on liberals all the time but he didn’t. I feel like he gave more or less equal time.

    That being said, I am less enraged than simply confused by his characterization of liberal policies as something that will necessarily make America silly. It is pro-business Republican good-old-boy-ism that has made it possible for American corporations to drive a lance through the economy and cause unemployment to explode the way it has, and conservative deregulation of financial markets and trading are primarily to blame for the financial crisis.

    On a similar note, crunk, it goes without saying (although I will) that you are entitled to your opinion on religion. However, in keeping with dealing with the assault on Mike Nelson, I have to also point out that, as a Christian, the Reaganite deregulation doctrine fundamentally ignores certain Christian acceptances on human nature. A Christian should know better, as a matter of course, than to trust a wealthy person to share their wealth with poor people.

    Hell, most rich people don’t want to share even if their preacher/priest/minister/rabbi/mullah/witch doctor/medicine man/whatever tells them to; do you really expect them to do it when the politician who enables them to earn more tells them to do it? It is, in my opinion, approaching blasphemy to put the faith and trust you should be giving to God in a rich and powerful person with a lot to lose and who obviously cares a lot about his earthly life.

  9. May I ask why his politics matter? Is he funny? Do you laugh at his material? Does he make fun of both parties in his other work? Is he pushing his political beliefs on you?

  10. I wish to God I had never learned this. I’m absolutely crushed right now. I may as well have learned he’s a serial child molestor.

    1. Hahaha! Wow! Do you even think before you respond to something?! A conservative, comparable to a child molester?? Amazing! And I thought leftists were just so loving and tolerant!

      Oh, man. Please, do not breed…

      1. he probably won’t be breeding any time soon if you catch my drift…………you see because it’s likely that girls want nothing to do with him.

        hey, i can relate. takes one to know one you see…….

  11. If you need an example of Nelson’s politics being worn on his sleeve during the show, look at The Sword and the Dragon episode’s opening skit. A really obvious, unfunny political commentary variety show tune that harps about “wasteful, ineffectual” government spending (that old line of BS). It’s really odd, seeing what is pretty bitter and serious political commentary coming from the typically sweet characters… But there they are, totally out of character and out of line for the usual MST3k brand of humor.

    I get the feeling they took turns making fun of both sides of the US political spectrum, which I can appreciate. I would have preferred they leave politics entirely at the door to Best Brains, though. I wish I could have reminded the guys at the time that the SoL is floating out in space. It’s supposed to be an escape from the mundane dogfighting back on Earth. It’s supposed to be about comradery over bad movies and good laughs. It’s just a show, they should really just relax…

    I often wonder if the dichotomies in beliefs contributed to rifts in the cast that made the more liberal actors (Joel is a liberal, Frank Coniff is a diehard liberal according to his Twitter, Trace Beaulieu often struck me as a greenpeace/PETA fellow with his animal abuse riffs, Mary Jo/Weinstein//Joel/Trace/Frank were all hanging out with Keith Olbermann recently) leave once Mike came into the forefront, and kept them apart in two distinct camps up till the present day?

    1. Joel picked mike to be his replacement so no they weren’t driven away by some jokes.since they were all comedic writers and not a bunch of cry baby pussies.

  12. To all my fellow liberals who seem to be disgusted about Mike Nelson being a republican, all I have to say to you is get the hell over yourself. Democrates are not all good and republicans are not all evil. Stop thinking so narrow mindly, some great presidents have been republicans i.e Dwight Eisenhower, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt. Just cause someone has different beliefs then you doesn’t mean shit or change they way you think of them. Hell the right to have different beliefs and values are what makes the United States so great.

    1. You probably shouldn’t bring up Ike, Teddy and Abe in relationship to the modern GOP. All three of them (even Abe) are hated among large segments of the conservative community. As far as Mike is concerned, I still like him. He’s always seemed like a funny, good-natured guy. His comments about Democrats being “silly America” are sadly misguided, however. When he looks at the mindless zealotry that has overtaken the Republican Party, I wonder if he has adjusted his thinking on the matter.

  13. “I can live with Frank’s ideological disability, if you libs can live with Mike’s brilliant observations”

    Spare me, oh sore loser from ’08.

    Nelson IS a funny guy, but evidently politically retarded…Frank’s stand up stuff is flat out hilarious…the only ‘disability’ evident here is the fact that you would consider Frank the less humorous of these two men.

    1. Lighten up kevin….my comment was that Conniff had an “ideological ” not comedic disability…He’s obviously funny , since we paid to see him in person @ the Cinematic Titanic show….it was only when he got blatantly political that the audience went quiet, as they probably would if Rifftrax did the same thing…i never mentioned “08” either, but if i were a sore loser, that sore will probably be healed completely by early November…

  14. JFKSTYLEDEM, I think you’re a faker. Liberals usually spell well, and they’d know there’s no such thing as “Democrates.”

  15. Wow. I thought liberals described themselves as, at the very least, tolerant. But suddenly you learn that Nelson is a conservative and you’re all like ‘fuck that guy.’ Guess your tolerance disappears when you come across something your tiny mind can’t handle. You really think that anybody outside your socialist pond really gives a shit? The Bush’s did fuck up. But not as bad as Obama with the bailout. Or how about your commie-inspired OWS ‘movement’. Tell you what, we (Conservatives and Libertarians) will fix the shit Liberals fucked up and you can sit there twittling your thumbs (like you always do) because I think you shown that you can’t hack it in politics anymore.

    1. Amen, my friend. People like this guy are a complete joke. Every time I read something like this, it makes me wonder what would’ve had to have happened to the writer in his/her youth to make them such a drooling moron. Did Mommy not give them enough attention? Did Daddy molest them? I guess we’ll never know.

  16. Wow. As a liberal myself, I really think you guys are overreacting. I was a little surprised to hear that Mike is a conservative, but c’mon… that seriously “makes you sick?” You “may as well have learned he’s a serial child molester?” Really? Is this where we’re at in this country now?

    Look, the guy has obviously had the good taste to leave personal politics out of his comedy. It’s not like he’s out screaming his views from the rooftops. Maybe it’s from being a liberal living in the South, but I’ve learned over the years that basing a person’s entire worth on his or her politics isn’t a nice way to go through your day. You’re setting yourself up for a pretty unhappy existence if you do.

    If you let Mike’s politics ruin his comedy for you, it’s your loss.

    1. “Look, the guy has obviously had the good taste to leave personal politics out of his comedy.”

      Unlike his (former?) friend Frank Conniff.

  17. Leftist tolerance is so stellar. Tolerant until you disagree with them. Never a dull moment with people like yourself.

    Seriously, who fucking cares? You people are so fucking ignorant. I hate Hollywood’s politics entirely, but I don’t not tolerate their opinions. They’re Americans. They can believe whatever the hell they want! Who cares if Nelson is conservative? It’s a funny show! Get over it!

    This article just goes to show that they’ll let anybody put shit on the internet. Won’t be the last lefty hate speech, either.

  18. Fuck politics man. If you like Mike Nelson, LIKE MIKE NELSON.

    This proves just once again how the Republicans and Democrats keep us divided and conquered.

  19. I was a bit surprised when I found out too. But does it really matter? If I only associated with people who shared my point of view I would be a very lonely person.

  20. I laugh at the layers of stupidity in this article (of which there are many). Way to be tolerant of others political standpoints, you tool….
    “Fly my socialist mule flag or you’re a bad unfunny, person.” I guess you’ve been suckling at the political teet so long you actually forgot how the parties actually work. Take time from goosestepping to your parties command and educate yourself…. stop and take in the global scenery… you’ll realize a few basic core truths between parties that modern academia doesn’t want you to see:

    Democrats: Bigger government, higher taxation of the populous, less individual accountability, weaker states rights, more control over the general populous.

    Republicans: Smaller government, similar taxation across entire populous, more personal accountability, stronger states rights and freedoms, less control over the lives of the general populous (aka individual freedoms)

    …do your research, kiddo. You’ll also find republicans responsible for the first ethnic congressmen, desegregation of schools (which Gore’s daddy voted against) and defense of the financially unstable amongst many other beneficial freedoms we lose to lawmakers daly (aka that big government you love so much)…
    If pride and blind ignorance didn’t rule your world; you might actually look to men like Mike Nelson for inspiration and a decent caricature of what an intelligent, successful, hard-working person actually looks like.

    1. But I don’t understand, PizLe… when did the Republicans reduce government exactly? Was it when they plunged us into trillions of dollars of debt in a war with Iraq we never needed? Or was it when they began passing three strikes laws and instituting the war on drugs? Was it when they insisted we fund and buy tanks and tanks and tanks that the army doesn’t want, basically as a jobs program, tanks that now sit in the desert unused? Or was it when they (and I’m including the largely Republican-appointed Supreme Court in this) allowed corporations to PATENT human life, paving the way for Monsanto’s insane ability to sue farmers whose crops get infested with Monsanto grains?

      Republicans are NOT the party of small government. They are the party of banning things, prison growth, war lust, and treasury draining. They love to pass laws, even silly ones like calling French fries “Freedom fries.” The only time they like “small” government is when some poor kid wants to have a free lunch in kindergarten or some war veteran wants a new leg, or maybe if we want to make sure some paranoid schizophrenic pedophile with swastika tattoos who tortures puppies has to have a background check before buying assault weapons over the internet.

      And I’m not a solid Democrat. The biggest problem I have with Obama is that he acts so often like a Republican. Drone strikes, clean coal, drilling in Alaska… so many of Bush’s policies have extended into the Obama years, and that’s not what I want.

      This has nothing to do with Mike Nelson at this point, but I just had to stop and call bullshit on your uninformed placemat-drawing of what you think the Republican Party stands for. Republicans are for war, increased spending, passing laws that oppress us, and making sure the mentally ill and poor have access to nothing but guns.

      1. Talk about a fucking Libertard. War… The House Majority that signed off on it was DEMOCRAT when the war began. War on Drugs…Obama has made TWICE the amount of raids on Marijuana farmers in only one term. Banning things… like books, insensitive words, and 20oz sodas? Silly Laws…There was a law that changed the way we described fried potatoes? Really? Military Spending… War escalates under Obama, and liberals cry out when defense spending drops in 2013. Draining the treasury… Obama spent more money and acquired more debt than ALL previous administrations combined. Liberal Socialists are emotionally fragile, morons, who’ve no idea that they are the totalitarians they claim to despise. True libertarians call for reduction of waste and increase of personal liberties. True liberal progressives support the wasteful, elitist, ruling class government by appeal for the hungry children and puppies that ONLY huge government can save. And spare us your attempt at being even-handed or independent by calling out Obama. You and every other brown-shirt fascist would spill your last drop of blood (or someone else’s) to smite the evil Republican more than you ever would in actually doing the right thing for the American people. Your joke of Pop-culture communism is coming to and end very soon.

  21. Dear “Killcommies,” you like to call names, but your un-sourced accusations are all provably false. I think you might be getting your facts from Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, or the crusty insides of your own ass? If it’s not one of those four, fess up to which other right wing pundit you’ve bought the lies from.

    Let’s just start where you start, because your entire comment is a missive from Bizarro World, with every factoid plucked from an orbit where reality rarely shines. Number 1: the House Majority when the war in Afghanistan began was Republican–in fact only one representative voted against the war, and she was a Democrat. Look it up.

    Am I talking about the wrong war? Well, the House Majority when the Iraq War Resolution was signed was also Republican–223 Republicans to 208 Democrats. And only 40% of the House Democrats voted for this war, as opposed to around 97% of Republicans. You can blame the Dems for being complicit in Afghanistan, but they didn’t have a majority then, and for Iraq, they didn’t have any sway or even an internal pro-war majority when the big doofus war of George W. Bush started.

    So yeah, you’re totally talking out of your ass. Republicans are responsible for the wars and for draining our government coffers dry, and every one of your other facts except MAYBE the escalation of defense spending bit is equally a lie. My favorite one is how you somehow blame Obama for renaming French Fries? Dude, the name of “Freedom Fries” is from squarely in the middle of Bush’s presidency. Not sure how you pinned that one on Obama, except that you are INCREDIBLY STUPID.

    I am a bleeding heart liberal, and if you intend to call me fragile, then fine. Tell me where your own blog is so I can follow you back to your weasel hole and pound the shit out of you there with my own words. I’ll show YOU the meaning of the word fragile when I have you on your knees as you PUKE out the vile stupidity chunk by chunk as my researched truth whacks you upside your ugly Randian wretchedness.

    And yes, I piss on your fatted calfs, like Rand and Paul and Ryan, because you yourself don’t seem to have words of your own! Even your ridiculous “brown-shirt fascist” is stolen from another great Republican, Spiro Agnew:

    “One modest suggestion for my friends in the academic community: the next time a mob of students, waving their non-negotiable demands, starts pitching bricks and rocks at the Student Union – just imagine they are wearing brown shirts or white sheets and act accordingly.”
    — Spiro Agnew, April 1970″

    Good ol’ Spiro, of course, helped get kids shot at Kent state, and then got caught having taken a shit ton of bribes. Obama is a war criminal, and he’s a jerk about the pot thing, but the Republican party taught him how! And Democrats and liberals like Nancy Pelosi have openly called Obama on his shit and rant against his inane moves all the time–inane moves which are ALL continuations of Bush-era policies, not new stuff he made up. So, show me the blog posts you wrote when Bush created illegal wars, lied about uranium cake, created secretive illegal detention centers and killed Americans without warrants. Please, show me. And show me the GOOD ones that aren’t covered in the rank smell of your own butt funk.

    P.S. I don’t consider feeding hungry children, or even saving a few puppies, to be “waste.” What kind of monster would even think that? You really are an uncaring, unknowing, unintelligent little toad, aren’t you?

    P.P.S. The fact that Mike Nelson would even be on the same side as someone like you sickens me. But even if he’s wrong about a lot of things, at least he has his wits about him.

  22. I know this post is old now, but all you left wing morons should feel pretty salty right about now. Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to our country and yet you still voted for him last year because you just can’t get over Bush. It really is pathetic.

    1. Intolerant bigots such as Dennis Prager (one of Mike Nelson’s heroes) are the worst thing to ever happen to ‘Murca.

  23. It doesn’t bother me much because it jibes with my opinion of his version of the show: a weird, basically happy if often bickering, family replaced by three frat boys with two of them frequently trying to humiliate the third. Nelson must have written many of the jokes I liked from the Joel years, but I think the tone then was Joel’s, one basically accepting of, well, freaks and geeks, including the ones who made awesomely bad movies, where Mike seemed more generally contemptuous (though not as awfully so as Mr Medved, a bear of a boor on bad-film).

    1. Wow, three years later and this thread continues….I don’t disagree with Your Joel/bots vs
      Mike/bots relationship, but I don’t believe it reflects a political bias. The Joel character
      Created the robots and they were like his children, having been born and programmed by
      Him….He often condecended to the bots because they were asking him child like questions about the human situations in the movies that they did not understand. Mike’s character was more like a brother to the robots who were less child like by season 5-6. I just don’t see the “acceptance” aspect given the shows emphasis on how tortious the movies were supposed to be in the early seasons “experiments.” The Mads were the “freaks and geeks”of MST3K
      As they were failed scientists trying to prevail in this experiment, but they were the antagonists! I liked the laid back amateur kiddie puppet show vibe from the Joel years as well, but that’s really form rather than content….

      As to the original topic of Mike’ politics, I’ll reference my prior comments….If Mike Nelson and Frank Coniff could get along in the same writers room for years, I dont understand why so many of these commenters have to tear into each other…

  24. Oh Don… thank you for putting into words what I basically have agreed with all along. Mike’s politics don’t cloud the show, which often had jokes, which I assume had Mike’s blessing, that poked fun at conservatives and Christians as much as they did public television and political correctness. MST3K in its own often gentle (sometimes VERY much not) way took jabs at all items from our entertainment, social, AND political cultures. And whatever Mike’s personal politics, he delivered his lines well.

    As odd as it is, I guess there maybe IS still a “rational” conservative worldview out there, one that has long been written out of the active electoral Republican playbook for years, but was its base in the 80s and before. And like a sports fan reluctant to change teams, perhaps former Young Republican types can be sort of smart and witty, enough to realize the new Republicanism is weird, but who just simply hate the opposing team more than they’re embarrassed by their own… For example, I’ve met a lot of “California conservatives” who long for a time when government contributed far more money to scientific research, along with defense and education. They may not think highly of unions, taxes, regulations, or social programs…

    Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah: I won’t ever forget Mike Nelson’s conservativism, but I will forgive it. And I still love the show. And his writing. Even in the Sci-Fi Network episodes. The Joel episodes had a magic and a pacing that was never really replaced, but anyone who denies the genius and the fast-paced nature of those later episodes doesn’t deserve to call her/himself a MSTie!

    Joel Hodgson is like the Hydrox to Mike Nelson’s Oreos.

  25. Get. Over. It.
    I’m anti-politics. Period.
    You know why?
    Read through the comments here.
    That’s why.
    I am a fan of Mike Nelson because of his comedy.
    I don’t care what his political or spiritual views are.
    I’d watch a political comedy if that’s what I was looking for.
    Honestly, I’d rather not know about the personal lives
    Of the entertainers I’m fond of.
    And when I do find out?
    I still don’t care.
    He’s not a politician,
    And he’s not creating laws or signing off on bills.
    He’s not in charge of America,
    Or any of it’s states.
    He’s in charge of making me laugh.
    And he does it well.
    I pity all of you who let your opinions ruin your fun.
    Whatever his beliefs are,
    He’s funny.
    The only thing comparable to being a child molester
    Is actually being a child molester.
    To compare him to that is brutal.
    Chill out.

  26. Read through the comments, and you’ll see that I haven’t stopped being a fan, either. Mike Nelson is really funny, and you know? Sometimes I think the Mike episodes are better than the Joel episodes.

    Okay, now I’ve said something REALLY controversial! 🙂

  27. Meh I always liked Joel better and felt that Mikes episodes while funny took on a lot more snark and making fun of the films rather than playing along with them. So not at all surprised. Disappointed yes, but not surprised. Still hoping Joel gets the new series going again. As much as I like Rifftrax and have bought nearly every single riff, I do miss the more laidback fun style of CT and the first half of MST.

  28. Everything liberals ever heard about the Conservative party is Communist lies, told to them by lying liberals… the real problem is, liberals are wayyyyyyyyy too stupid to do any real independent research, so simple minded they believe what other stupid non thinking liberals tell them. The Democrats are the KKK. Google it. After this worthless idiot Communist obama, can’t you realize the democrats are out to take all your Freedoms away ? No, of course not. You do No Research. I am amazed at liberal’s stupidity. Just follow the non thinking herd of stupid liberals, right off the cliff. Right now, ovomit is working with the UN to take all your guns away…

  29. This entire article is so daft; like it’s author and most of the commenters. Pretty much everyone in the entertain industry is liberal, or left-leaning, and the moment a conservative individual casually brings it up, we end up with venom being spit in our eyes. Now, all of you putzes have bugs up your asses (what else is new?) over the fact that Mike Nelson is a conservative? Seriously? He’s a Christian, too. Why don’t you go ahead and complain about Christians, right before you go complain about how people aren’t tolerant enough of other people’s religions in another comment section? Ha! It’s pretty pitiful that you cretins will live and die oblivious to how hypocritical ad stupid you are.

  30. You can not appreciate a person unless their political views align with your own? That is pretty sad.

  31. This is one of the most embarrassing things I’ve read in a while. “Celebrity on a show doesn’t believe what I believe!” Welcome to real life.

  32. I love Mike Nelson! He is hilarious! When Donald Trump was elected Rifftrax was one of the only things that could make me laugh. I’ve known about Mikes conservative politics for years. Its a big flaw. But I love him.

    1. I remember the “good old days” about 10 years ago when a Rifftrax episode might have Bill (a liberal) taking a jab at Bill Clinton and Mike taking a jab at Ann Coulter. Since Trump’s rise to power, it appears that any mention of him by Rifftrax writers is taboo. Apparently, political polarization has even affected Rifftrax. Very sad.

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