A Rrose in a Prose, September 22: EARLY WORKS

Inspired by Kronos Quartet and our own teenaged selves, this month our theme is “Early Works.” It’s going to be fast-paced, and it’s going to mean everything from old diaries and high school zines to epic forms of poetry, old school rap, and maybe, just maybe, some very young people whose early works are happening right now!

Our author list shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Erin West (the Hedgehog)
  • Jordan Schwartz (We Got Power!)
  • Adam Shenkman (the The Breakfast Show with Adam-O)
  • Scott Schultz
  • Mark Olivas (Touching Game)
  • Don Bolles (Vox Pop, Celebrity Skin, L.A. Guns–kinda!)
  • Lindsay Parker (secret weapon!)

You’ll want to be “early” for this one: your host, D. M. Collins, in turn promises to embarrass himself even more than normal.

Oh, and there will be mixtapes and mix CDs. There, we said it, so now we have to do it. Bring the earliest mixtape or CD or Podcast you’ve ever made that you can still find in your closet, then bring like 20 copies to the event to share. It’s time to love each other’s lameness!

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