WordPress sucks when it comes to poetry.

So… I guess from now on, if I want to publish poetry on WordPress, I’m gonna have to take a screenshot of my Word doc and just publish that image. Trying to get even slightly fancy with poetry (with avant-garde choices like “no spacing between lines” or “subtle indentation”) is apparently just not a consideration here.

Do I sound way bitter about something not that big of a deal? Why not just hack it up a bit, or edit in Text, or use manual spacing rather than indentation? Well, I’ll tell you: WordPress has somehow, I assume indirectly, made their site so that it “corrects” all those creative choices and still displays each line as left aligned and each new line as a new paragraph, i.e. it adds a space with each line break. I’ve tried to change the style of the blog in the hopes that it was just the Theme that was causing the problem, but that seems to have no effect.

Seriously, look at the letter below and tell me if the spacing and line breaks make any sense. No? That’s because they were totally NOT my original choices. Despite my posting it eighteen times and trying desperately to get everything to work, it just didn’t save correctly. Sure, it’ll look fine in the editor, but upon save, no dice–this blogging tool wants its own paragraph formats and line breaks, and to hell with creative choices and single spacing!

Seriously, now that we’re all doing more poetry on this blog, this feels like a near deal-breaker for me. WordPress, you can do better. Poems are words, too.


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