Reader Bio: David Markey

Every day until the festival, I’ll be posting an author bio of one of the authors reading at our A Rrose in a Prose event (starts at 4:15, don’t be late!) at Zine Fest.

Up first is David Markey! He’s one of my favorites–if you haven’t seen his 2008 opus The Reinactors you kind of haven’t lived… but he has done so much more in his ginormous career, including his collection of We Got Power! zines, which he’ll be reading from. Below is his official bio:

David Markey has sustained a truly independent career in the shadow of Hollywood and against the backdrop of corporate America for over three decades. As a filmmaker, photographer and musician, Markey brings together underground music, experimental cinema and contemporary culture in a direct and insightful way. His body of work is also historically significant, representing a unique record of the punk scene in Southern California throughout the 1980’s and into the 1990’s. His feature films include the acclaimed Sonic Youth / Nirvana tour documentary 1991: The Year Punk Broke (1992) which also features The Ramones, the Los Angeles punk scene Super-8 cult classics; The Slog Movie (1982), Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (1984), and it’s sequel Lovedolls Superstar (1986); Citizen Tania (1989) co- directed with Raymond Pettibon, the Black Flag road film Reality 86’d (1991), Shonen Knife: Blast Off! (1997), the international film festival favorite The Reinactors (2008), and Dinosaur Jr.’s Bug Live – In The Hands Of The Fans (2012). His most recent work is a feature length documentary on the legendary Los Angeles punk band Circle Jerks entitled My Career As A Jerk (2012). He is also a published author with the critically acclaimed book We Got Power! Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980’s Southern California. In conjunction with the book’s release, David Markey and his longtime collaborator Jordan Schwartz had their first gallery show at Track 16 in Santa Monica displaying photographs from the book and his archives. David Markey has also directed music videos for Redd Kross, Sonic Youth, Meat Puppets, The Muffs, Pat Smear, & Mudhoney. He has also appeared in the documentary films We Jam Econo (The Story Of The Minutemen) (2005) & American Hardcore (2006). His indefatigable DIY aesthetic continues to drive him, as well as inspire a new generation of filmmakers, musicians and artists.

To hear me gush more about Mr. Markey, check out what I wrote about him in 2008: http://larecord.com/album-reviews/2009/12/10/david-markey-the-reinactors

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