William Mitchell – may your rest in peace.

So many friends have passed in recent years, months, days… and here’s another one to add to the sad, cold pile.

Truth be told, William Mitchell was not a close friend of mine. I didn’t know him that well, and he might not have been able to pick me out of a crowd at all.

Yet there are some people you can just tell make the world a better place by being in it. William was that kind of person. In hearing of his passing, I couldn’t help but think to 2008, when another friend of our extended bohemian community, Gina Marx, had gone missing. Many thought she had taken her own life, or come to a violent end. And it was William Mitchell who did the legwork to actually find her, and to let us know she was okay.

Somehow it seems even more tragic that a person who would do so much to help assure us Gina was living would opt out of life on his own. It’s cold comfort, but apparently William was a poet. It’s not really immortality, but maybe we can remember him by his words? The best we can do is try.




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