L.A. RECORD art show – sneak peak this Sunday at A Rrose in a Prose

LA RECORD art show

Besides our fantastic authors and poets, etc, this Sunday’s A Rrose in a Prose will also be featuring a sneak preview of paintings, drawings, and photos by some of L.A. RECORD‘s very best artsy types. Soon to be exhibited at a more gala event in a few weeks, you can see the art now if you so desire, simply by showing up to the FREE lit/spoken word event happening at the Pickle Factory. Some of it has appeared in print in L.A. RECORD, some of it is at the discretion of the artists, and all of it is pretty damned good (and for sale–including renderings of your favorite bands and albums).

Artists in the sneak preview MAY include:

  • champoyhate
  • Dave Van Patten
  • Zara Kand
  • Walt! Gorecki
  • Aaron Giesel
  • Elsa Henderson
D. M. Collins

D. M. Collins is a journalist and writer based in Los Angeles.

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