Normally at A Rrose in a Prose, we conclude the event by reading an Exquisite Corpse that we’ve written together while the event transpired … or more recently, by playing out a Dadaist storytelling game (of my own invention, thank you) called “Choose Your Own Corpse” that combines the Exquisite Corpse format with Madlibs, improv, and a bit of the D&D dungeon master…

But this time, I woke up incredibly late on the day of, and I had to make a group activity up on the spot. So instead of writing something on paper, we all wrote a poem together by thinking of a word that reminded us of the event’s theme, “exhaustion,” and then saying our words one by one in a random order.

I think I’m going to call this format “Train Car Corpse.” And the first example of it is the poem below, written by all the participants and audience members of A Rrose in a Prose.

You can hear our original on Soundcloud HERE.





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