THIS SATURDAY: The closing gala for “Dancing About Architecture: L.A. RECORD and the Art of Visualizing the Aural”

Okay, so it’s not REALLY the last day of the exhibit. We’ve extended the L.A. RECORD art show until the end of July! And in fact, there’s an event the very next day, the aptly named “A Rrose in a Prose: The Morning After.”

But this Saturday’s event is going to be the only chance you’ll get to snag some of these beauties before the art crawl crowd throws down some serious collector coin and make off with the best ones! And that won’t be hard to do, since so many of these works are way affordable.


Look at all these cool artists!

David Van Patten
Champ Champ Champoy
Drew Denny
Luke McGarry
Leee Black Childers
Olivia Jaffe
Matt Adams
Ward Robinson
Daiana Feuer
Aaron Giesel
Walt Gorecki
Elsa Henderson
Zara Kand
Gloria Erika Plaza
Alex Brown
Colin Ambulance
Dale Dreiling
Tom Child
Elana Pritchard
Dalton Blanco!


… and look at all the musicians, celebrities, events, and talented folks who have been depicted IN the art!

Ariel Pink
Steve Arrington
Arthur Lee of Love
The Entrance Band
The Shrine
Saint Vitus
The New York Dolls
Dead Meadow (Official)
Maya Angelou
Dorian Wood
Ty Segall
Wayne County and the Electric Chairs
Tenacious D
John Lydon
Thee Oh Sees
The Gories
Thee Midnighters
The Ramones
The Donnas
The Icarus Line
Beach Party
Big Star
Snoop Dogg
Indian Jewelry
Fancy Space People
Jimmy Cliff
Faust (Band)
Part Time Punks
Nina Hagen
Louis Armstrong
The Manson Family
New Order
Jan & Dean
Gene Vincent
Regal Degal
Kim Fowley
Happy Mondays
Kera and The Lesbians
DJ Harvey
Jeffertitti’s Nile
The Blank Tapes
Yoko Ono
Lauren Hill
Zig Zags
Bobb Bruno
Summer Twins
Ralph Bakshi


Come out Saturday night to the Pickle Factory and see it all! So many great bands, so much great art… it’s just something you have to do.

Oh, and the clothing swap starts at 2 p.m.!


-D. M. Collins


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