New A RRose in a Prose tomorrow at Stories Books

It’s been too long, fellow literati.

Tomorrow is the first A Rrose in a Prose we’ve seen in a dog’s age, and it’s happening at Stories Books in Echo Park at 2 p.m. The theme is “Not Starting Over,” because baby, we’re already pretty good as-is. Except when we’re not.

We have some of the biggest powerhouses of previous years performing and reading, plus a new surprise or three. And for those who attend, we’ll also be doing a collaborative, creative work together that will take almost none of your time and yet make you look like literary gods. We intend to start 2015 off better than that first sentence in that Kafka bug story.

In attendance, we shall have:

… and of course, your handsome red-headed host, D. M. Collins.

A Rrose in a Prose 2015 First Show IV

It’s at Stories Books, 1716 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, CA, 90026 (near the Time Mart and stuff).

Check out the Facebook invite for more info.

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