I’ve grown rather fond of Lee Camp.

Lee Camp is really coming into his own. In a few short years, he’s gone from merely being right (but too full of vitriol to prove his points sometimes) to being entertaining, persuasive, insightful, and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. He never dips into conspiracy talk (in fact he pokes fun at that side of activism) but isn’t afraid to tackle the numerous in-plain-sight atrocities the media never challenges.

This episode about factory farming is so spot-on, it makes me want to put him in the same pantheon of humorous truth-tellers as Will Rogers, Woody Guthrie, and (until he went nuts) Dick Gregory. This guy certainly has the potential to outshine Jon Stewart. We need more like him. Let’s keep watching.


Oklahoman by birth. Angeleno by fate. I've been in half a dozen bands and own 25 cubic feet of old records. Thank God for Ikea shelves.

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