Beverly M. Collins returns to A Rrose in a Prose this Sunday!

It’s been too long since Beverly M. Collins graced us with her presence! But at long last, this hard working, award-winning poet is back, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see her sharing her words with you, dear Rroses, and with the Echo Park Rising crowd, ZZyZx WriterZ, and more!Beverly_M_Collins

Originally from New Jersey, Beverly M. Collins is the author of the books Quiet Observations-Diary Thought, Whimsy and Rhyme and most recently, Mud In Magic (Moonrise Press). Collins is one of three 2012 prize winners for California State Poetry Society‘s yearly competition.

Her work has appeared in several anthologies for “Poets on Site” as well as Poetry With A Dash of Salt, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, California Quarterly, Altadena Poetry Review, Poetry Letter and Literary Review, Poetic Diversities, Rubicon: Words & Art Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis, and Poetry Speaks! A Year Of Great Poems And Poets calendar (Sourcebooks Inc.),  just to name a few.

She often participates in poetry readings around the Los Angeles area, is a member of the Burbank Historical Society, and still loves watching cartoons!

In short, she’s busy and successful and a renowned poet! Consider this a prime opportunity to see her read before she goes and gets even more famous off her latest book, which just came out (and which I’m sure she’ll be sharing little bits of with us!). Make this a priority in your life. You won’t regret it.

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