Rep. John Lewis is a BADASS!

I was on The Smoking Gun today and accidentally ran across what may be the coolest looking mugshot I have ever seen (even cooler than Frank Sinatra‘s). Doesn’t John Lewis look like a fucking BOSS in this photo?


And his reason for being in jail was pretty fucking badass, too: he’d been drinking from a white’s-only water fountain in Mississippi in 1961, as he traveled with the Freedom Riders through the South, protesting racist bullshit. He has this look on his face like “Ha! I’ve been drinking water, but you racist cops will soon be gulping down your own shame, a shame reflected in the eyes of your children and their children for the rest of your life! P.S. I’m going to be a Congressman for most of the people in Atlanta! And I’m going to be in graphic novels!”

And the thing is, John Lewis is STILL a boss! There’s so much crazy stuff going on right now that I’d completely forgotten how Democrats in the House of Representatives only last year actually protested gun violence when Rep. Lewis led them in a sit in! 

Republicans since then have forced through rules preventing Representatives from staging sit-ins or even taking most photos or videos to share on social media. But Rep. Lewis, please keep finding creative ways to fight for what’s right! We appreciate you!

And keep looking AWESOME.



D. M. Collins

D. M. Collins is a journalist and writer based in Los Angeles.

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