Poet/author Tristene Roman needs our help NOW!

Please go here now and give even just a little money (or a lot) towards helping an amazing poet, author, zinester, and friend of A Rrose in a Prose Tristene Roman get out of harm’s way and back where she belongs–thrilling us with her awesome work.

Like many of us creative types, Tristene’s excellence as an artist hasn’t always paid the bills. And so she was recently forced to live in a home where violence and danger were always likely to boil over. Now it has.

I had been living with my father and my brother for about a year.  My brother is such an angry person I was scared to even communicate with him … We got into an argument and he punched me in the face.  He got at least five punches to my face and I had to call the police and go to the ER to get my eyebrow glued up and check for concussions. I will be pressing charges, and the court date is in January … I am no longer safe there and have found a place to stay about an hour out of the city.  I have to quit my job and move asap because I am scared to share a home with him.  I need about 2,000 dollars to move to the new place I have found, get a truck to move my things into a storage, and survive until I can find a new job.

Please, go to her GoFundMe page and give a little, or a lot. She only needs $2000. But she’s not close to that mark yet.

We’ve all been talking a lot lately about the terrors of male predation, be it harassment, sexual assault, or sheer terror. Here’s a chance to put our words into action and fight it for real, by helping a really wonderful person get out of a horrifying trap.

Go help her, and then afterwards, go check out some of her awesome work! If anyone is helping poetry thrive in a jaded world, it’s her.

Daniel Crook + Luka Fisher, Poetry by Tristene Roman. Courtesy of Amadeus Magazine.

And the great irony here is that Roman’s brother was being redundant–Tristene is so much better at putting blood on her own face! (Or maybe with a little help from Sheree Rose.)

Photo courtesy of Amadeus Magazine.

Anyone who would attack Tristene Roman is not only a violent tool but also a thief, stealing his concepts from a much better artist. Maybe instead of assaulting her (and other people), he should have taken a page from one of her many zines and performances, and learned how to expunge the darkness in his life through the gleeful shock and depravity that Tristene has been using as a force for good for years.

The only reason that I wanted to do my performance like that is that I have a reputation for getting really drunk and doing regrettable things: kicking doors in, getting kicked out of places, punching people in the face, engaging in abusive relationships. I am like, where is my outlet? How can can I keep doing this kinda stuff and have it be an acceptable thing? Then it came to me: performance art.

Tristene, you’ve got our blessings, and a little bit of our money. Good luck!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea this existed, thank you so much for this back then! You have no idea how much it helped me out! This is so sweet! ❤️

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