Love Is the Drug: A Rrose in a Prose REVIVAL Feb. 11

Are you a language junky? Is that your hit?

Then put a verb in your verve and a noun in your gown and come on down to world renowned Stories Books in Echo Park, February 11th. Join us for the somewhat Valentine-esque edition of A Rrose in a Prose REVIVAL!

If you don’t believe in love, these sophists are gonna school you:

  • Sharif Dumani
  • Charlyne Yi
  • Cynthia Alessandra Briano
  • Corey Saucier
  • Eli Wright
  • Chris Zeischegg
  • Kyra Rogers
  • Tammy Sanchez

And because sometimes love just ain’t enough, we’ll also be providing butterflies in the stomach care of special surprise musical guests, premiere short film screenings, secret celebrities, social faux pas shenanigans, and more public displays of affection than you have a right to expect at a literary salon!

Once we’re done, the fun continues with a smattering of dublab DJs, who we’re sure will do something very, very lovable.

As always, A Rrose in a Prose REVIVAL is a haven for harlots, but it’s also an oasis for aces! No matter where you are on the love spectrum, we think you’ll like the results that come up when hosts Art Currim and D. M. Collins lead you from Ovid to ovum in this fair, temperate, and slightly tawdry homage to those three little words everyone wants to hear.

Things start around 4 p.m. at Stories Books and Cafe in Echo Park.

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