I’m in the Fringe Cabaret fashion show tonight.

I’m doing the music/sound effects/space-folk vibes for a very psychedelic, lightly theatrical variety show this month. And tonight there’s an event featuring taste tests from all the plays and productions involved in the larger Hollywood Fringe Festival that our production is a part of. There will be zombies and models and feathers and possibly even people impersonating Duran Duran. And they needed representatives from our performance of Psychodelicate’s Magical Mystery Show to walk down a catwalk, in costume, to promote the show.

And out of all the gorgeous actors and musicians in our performance, who do you think they decided to pick to walk said catwalk? That’s right, me! Apparently I’m just so attractive that people want to see me walking a good 2-3 feet higher than they do (which is kind of overkill–I mean, have they seen my platform shoes?).

But I’d love to see some familiar faces, even if mine is covered in a sheen of psychedelic glitter and ancient runes!

So come on out, dance, watch a film, have a drink, and see just how psychedelically sexy I can be when your perceptions of time itself start melting down the shimmering candy striped barber polenta rose in time saves ninety fiverybody needs somemoneysomehowitzer bird flying? I dunnooooopopopopopop. Kapow! KAPOW! Aaaah, an ancient sluggggg sliding along along along along along along the ribibibibibibibibibibibibibibibibibibibibibibibilliard hall with Mr. Green in the sawing room, sawing room… seasons of the witchinstrappppperilll omnibus flour and water treecicle tea set amethyst license hubcab mirror handle!

The Facebook invite page is here. The description of tonight’s festivities is as such (I added some slight highlighting so you can find which part I’m in):

Fringe Cabaret closing performances will precede Fringe Runway tonight! Show up at 7pm at Thymele Arts, grab a drink from Bryan’s Bar and settle in to see snippets from:
A Complete Waste of Time
Sex and the Musical
Dracula’s Taste Test
F#@K I Love U: ALIVE!
Sam Shaber: Life, Death & Duran Duran
Keeping Up With The Prozorovs
Dr. Nympho vs the Sex Zombies
Charlotte’s World or The Lone Terrarium
Healing: After the Tragedy

Plus Special Guest Host: Smokey Lounge

Stick around after Cabaret for Fringe Runway featuring shows presenting their costumes, including autoharp player extraordinaire Father Damocles, who really is quite handsome, especially for cool people who aren’t hung up on unrealistic beauty stereotypes and will just give him a chance, and a DJ dance party!

This season, Fringe Cabaret is being hosted by Thymele Arts! There is parking available in the underground parking garage located at 1110 North Western Ave. Fee is usually $5 if attendant is present. Entrance to the building is around the corner from parking, on Santa Monica.



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