I think I deserve a happy lil’ (big) smile story like this one!

Did you know that in India there is a place1 where rescued elephants can live out the rest of their long lives with dignity and respect, cared for by people who love them soooooo much that when it gets a bit chilly, they knit the elephants sweaters!?!

Just look at that! It’s not even just sweaters, but it’s like a whole set of pajamas! Or maybe it’s more like long johns, but with two Snuggies thrown in!

This is so freaking adorable!!!

And yes, you could also look at the negative side and say, you know, “Why in the first place do we have so many blind, arthritic elephants who are nearly crippled from years of systemic abuse? What’s up with that?” Or “Hey, how many elephants in the near future are going to die because global climate change is causing unnaturally cold sub-zero nights in the winters now in regions of India that never normally experience that? We can’t knit sweaters for all of them!”

Or even “if even the elephants have it this bad now, just imagine how horrible things must be for the humans who were forced to turn to these elephants to help alleviate their own back-breaking labor? Why do so many people have a life of grueling drudgery, while at the same time rich elites eat chocolates wrapped in gold foil and can throw millions of dollars at creating AI robots that come out the other side of the uncanny valley so perfectly that they can give end-of-life care to their robber-baron grandparents, just so the rich don’t feel put out by having to actually visit them in their tax-free retirement mansions in the Cayman Islands?”

You might even say “Hey, they didn’t knit entire sweaters for the elephants! They just modified some blankets by adding other blankets.”

But you, sir, are a heel and a rotten person, and I don’t want to know you.

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