What’s “A Rrose in a Prose?”


After a year-long hiatus, founder D. M. Collins is back from his spiritual journey to Tulsa, Oklahoma, which some kids still call “The Crotch of the Bible Belt.” And he brought back the belt!

So now L.A.’s most unpredictable literary jubilee finally returns to Stories Books in Echo Park. Each month, Collins and co-host Art Currim will be corralling a talented flock of novelists, essayists, comedians, musicians, poets, critics, bloggers, eroticists, playwrights, screenwriters, rappers, gossip columnists, drinkers, fuckers, queers, punk rockers and punk artists, all in the name of the word. And the word is love. And love is free. So’s our event.

Would you like to read or perform at an upcoming A Rrose in a Prose? If so, send Father Art Currim and Pastor D. M. Collins a sample of your work by emailing us at arroseinaprose@gmail.com, or by using the form at the VERY bottom of this page.

We accept poetry, prose, nonfiction, blogs, journalism, diary entries, rants, manifestos, word collages, dadaist constructions, and bribes. We’re open to anything as long as you wrote it (no “covers” of other poets, please). And while we understand that sometimes ugly times call for ugly words, people who go out of their way to promote racist/sexist/anti-LGBTQ views will be openly ridiculed and never asked back.

Remember, patrons at A Rrose in a Prose are book nerds who know the value of putting just the right words into just the right places. Here are just some of the folks who have joined us over the past several years to do so:

Adam Shenkman
Adrian Zeigler
Allison Wolfe
Amanda Jones
Anna Ureña
Art Currim
Asa FerryRrose Sélavy
Azalia Snail
Bebe McPhereson
Beverly M. Collins
Bloody Death Skull
Brandon Jordan Brown
Brendan Constantine
Bruce Duff
Carolina Hoyos
Charlie Latan
Charlyne Yi
Chris Zeischegg
Claire Mckeown
Corey Saucier
Cynthia Briano
D. M. Collins
Daiana Feuer
Daniel Austin Warren
Danny Wylde
David Markey
Domenic Priore
Don Bolles
Donna Suppipat
Dorothy Notrobot
Dovelie Lovelie
Drew Denny
Dylan A. Doren
Earnest Pettie
Eli Wright
Emily Maya Mills
Emotions the P.O.E.T.
Erin West
Flannery Lunsford
Gabby Gonzo
Gabriel Hart
Gap Dream
Gene Sculatti
Geoff Geis
Gillian McCain
Gitane DeMone
Hart Fisher
Ian MacKinnon
Ideas Aubrey
Jack Brewer
Jacqueline Cingolani
Jada Wagensomer
Janet Housden
Jason Jenn
Jean-Paul Garnier
Jessica Ceballos
Jessie Jones
Jillian Lee Ford
Joanne DeVault
Joe Wagner
John Coyle
John S. Hall
Josh Fadem
Justin Maurer
Karineh Mahdessian
Kera Armendariz
Kevin Litrow
Kim Cooper
Kyra Rogers
L.A. Drugz
Legs McNeil
Luka Fisher
Mandy Kahn
Marianne Stewart
Marisa DeMeglio
Mark Olivas
Martin Matamoros
trong>Matt Dwyer
Matt Sedillo
MC Prose
Mecca Vazie Andrews
Melissa Broder
Michael Lucid
Michael Nhat
Michelle Meyers
Mike O’Connell
Moshe Kasher
NE Rose
Nicole Kidman (the band, not the ex-Scientologist)
Nikol Hasler
Open Mike Eagle
Paloma Alexandra Parfrey
Paul Koudounaris
Peach Kelli Pop
People Talk
Provvidenza Catalano
Rebecca Peloquin
Rhea Tepp
Rickie Wang
Rikk Agnew
Roco Jet
Ron Garmon
Ross Lincoln
Roy Rogers Oldencamp
Ruthann Friedman
Ryan Fuller
Sarah Mac Donald
Scott Schultz
Seth Michelson
Seven Dhar
Sharif Dumani
Sheree Rose
Sister Silent
Stephen Kalinich
Susan Burke
Taleen Kalenderian
Tammy Sanchez
Tanya White
Tom Neely
Tristene Roman
Veronica Bianqui
Virginia Jones
Virginia Pelley
Wolf Prize
Zache Davis
Zara Kand

We’ve also screened some demon exorcisms by A. A. Allen, heard a one-note composition by LaMonte Young, been threatened with violence by the guy who wrote Animotion’s “Obsession,” and heard D. M. Collins read pieces written by William S. Burroughs, Bonnie Parker, and his dad.

Will you be next?

Let us know.

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