A Rrose in a Prose

Do you hunger for clever turns of phrase?

A Rrose in a Prose is the alphabet soup that eats like a meal, stewing talent and skewering confusion throughout the greater Los Angeles area—but mostly at Stories Books in Echo Park. Each month, hosts Art Currim and D. M. Collins painstakingly curate a gaggle of authors and performers from wildly different genres, specialties, ages, styles, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and then let them simmer for hours on end in this utterly unique literary salon.

Everything is included, and nothing is forbidden: novelists, essayists, comedians, musicians, poets, critics, bloggers, eroticists, playwrights, screenwriters, rappers, gossip columnists, drinkers, fuckers, queers, punk rockers and punk artists, women and men, the elderly and the pre-literate, vegans and meat-devourers, caffeine addicts and lovers of flowers. The juxtapositions are as difficult to mesh together as they are fun to watch. A Rrose in a Prose a freight yard manned by lunatics. And each A Rrose in a Prose performance is a train wreck narrowly avoided.

Some day soon, they hope to fail. Finally, the obtuse angles will abut. Precious elbows will be rubbed the wrong way. And the formalities that keep this town’s umpteen million poetry events, DIY shows, and bookstore appearances so damned cliquish and self-congratulatory will finally be smashed to pieces, like Pierre Pinoncelli hammering away at a copy of Duchamp’s Fountain after drenching it in his own urine.

Knowing the dangers, are you an author who still would like to read at A Rrose in a Prose? This is no open mike, though dictators Art Currim and D. M. Collins are very open about the anarchy that they rigidly control. Send them samples of your work (by emailing arroseinaprose@gmail.com, or using the form at the VERY bottom of this page), and they’ll see what they can do. There are no rules.

There is one rule: the writing has to be good, and original (though can anything truly be?). And while a good performance is very much appreciated, this is no poetry slam—patrons of A Rrose in a Prose want to hear works that would also be enjoyable on the printed page.

Another rule is that A Rrose in a Prose celebrates the public, communal nature of having a literary salon. Each event is free, and each event concludes with a group activity.

Sometimes that activity is a group poem. Sometimes that’s collaborative fiction. And sometimes it’s “Choose Your Own Corpse,” a participatory storytelling game, invented by D. M. Collins, that combines the Dada of an Exquisite Corpse with the sense of fun that comes with Choose Your Own Adventure books, and maybe a sprinkling of D&D dungeon master.

And why not? Aren’t you tired of being uninspired? So was D. M. Collins, until his love for Marcel Duchamp and his attendance at Justin Maurer’s Down & Out Lit Fest a few years ago commanded him to get off his ass and make his own life even harder by combining the tedium of writing with the thankless stress of hosting readings—a stress he has now suckered Art Currim into joining. Come let go, and take control.

In the past three years, A Rrose in a Prose has let go of its ability to control ALL of the following talented people:

Adam Shenkman
Adrian Zeigler
Allison Wolfe
Amanda Jones
Anna Ureña
Art Currim
Asa FerryRrose Sélavy
Azalia Snail
Bebe McPhereson
Beverly M. Collins
Bloody Death Skull
Brandon Jordan Brown
Brendan Constantine
Charlie Latan
Charlyne Yi
Claire Mckeown
D. M. Collins
Daiana Feuer
Daniel Austin Warren
David Markey
Don Bolles
Donna Suppipat
Dorothy Notrobot
Dovelie Lovelie
Drew Denny
Dylan A. Doren
Earnest Pettie
Emily Maya Mills
Emotions the P.O.E.T.
Erin West
Flannery Lunsford
Gabby Gonzo
Gabriel Hart
Gap Dream
Gene Sculatti
Geoff Geis
Gitane DeMone
Hart Fisher
Ian MacKinnon
Ideas Aubrey
Jack Brewer
Jacqueline Cingolani
Jada Wagensomer
Janet Housden
Jason Jenn
Jean-Paul Garnier
Jessica Ceballos
Jessie Jones
Joanne DeVault
Joe Wagner
John Coyle
John S. Hall
Josh Fadem
Justin Maurer
Karineh Mahdessian
Kera Armendariz
Kevin Litrow
Kim Cooper
L.A. Drugz
Marianne Stewart
Mark Olivas
Martin Matamoros
Matt Sedillo
MC Prose
Melissa Broder
Michael Lucid
Michael Nhat
Michelle Meyers
Moshe Kasher
NE Rose
Nicole Kidman (the band, not the Scientologist)
Nikol Hasler
Open Mike Eagle
Paloma Alexandra Parfrey
Paul Koudounaris
Peach Kelli Pop
People Talk
Provvidenza Catalano
Rebecca Peloquin
Rhea Tepp
Rickie Wang
Rikk Agnew
Roco Jet
Ron Garmon
Ross Lincoln
Roy Rogers Oldencamp
Ruthann Friedman
Ryan Fuller
Sarah Mac Donald
Scott Schultz
Seth Michelson
Seven Dhar
Sheree Rose
Stephen Kalinich
Susan Burke
Taleen Kalenderian
Tanya White
Tom Neely
Tristene Roman
Virginia Jones
Virginia Pelley
Wolf Prize
Zache Davis
Zara Kand

We’ve also screened some demon exorcisms by A. A. Allen, heard a one-note composition by LaMonte Young, and heard D. M. Collins read pieces written by William S. Burroughs, Bonnie Parker, and his dad.

Will you be next?



Let us know.


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