D. M. Collins

D. M. Collins is a writer, editor, journalist, historian, DJ, YouTube VJ, playwright, D-list celeb, curator, luthier, activist, poet, and folk troubadour based in Los Angeles.

He hosts the monthly literary event A Rrose in a Prose, interviews bands for BRGRTV, and is a passionate spokesman for polyamory and bisexual/pansexual/polysexual visibility. Musically, he leads psychedelic folk ensemble The Children of Jack Acid and performs dance/spoken word with avant classical soundscape artists WORDS (Lolipop Records).

His past achievements include being the first DJ at dublab.com, founding the Pickle Factory gallery, hosting music segments for Time/Warner’s SoCal’s Finest series, and serving as L.A. RECORD‘s New Music Editor for many years, where he is still a reporter-at-large.

Right now he’s working on a short story collection and compiling a book of his best interviews, which will likely bring Chuck D, Deepak Chopra, Daryl Hall, Earl Scruggs, Gil Scott-Heron, and the Trashwomen together for the first time.

His dog is named Valerie Solanas.

You can read a lot of his work here.

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    The following book might be of interest:

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