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A Rrose in a Prose Literary Salon REVIVAL Nov. 26th!!!

We’re baaaaaack! That’s right, dear hearts! After a super long hiatus, Art Currim and D. M. Collins are bringing back the best literary salon in Los Angeles–filled to the brim with prose, poetry, music, comedy, autoharps, dadaism, short films, pies, and old men threatening to punch the host! And now Stories Books has BOOZE (or […]

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Judas Priest vs. Iron Maiden

For those of us who spend a lot of time on social media (i.e. all of us), things have been pretty heavy recently. So let’s make things even heavier!┬áIt’s high time we find a scientific solution to the question that’s been dividing our country ever since Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan: Who is better, […]

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My favorite part of the music fest is never the music.

Have you ever gone to, say, Six Flags over Texas, but you get bored of the lines and all the roller coaster queasiness, and you end up spending an hour shooting hoops at one of the carnival booths, or playing Street Fighter II in the arcade? You’re at a special place, but you’re doing something […]

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Rep. John Lewis is a BADASS!

He has this look on his face like “Ha! I’ve been drinking water, but you racist cops will soon be gulping down your own shame, a shame reflected in the eyes of your children and their children for the rest of your life! P.S. I’m going to be a Congressman for most of the people in Atlanta! And I’m going to be in graphic novels!”

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