Another New Rrose: Raelee Nikole plays acoustic pop/soul for us, for the first time, Sunday afternoon!

Raelee is a twenty year old Acoustic Pop/Soul Singer/songwriter from San Diego who has performed everywhere from the local farmer’s market sidewalk to the House Of Blues Main Stage.

WORDS “Earwig” Cassette Release Party w/ Guy Blakeslee, KERA, and Jessie Jones. April 19 at Pehrspace!

Instrumentally they’re a force in their own right–but when fronted by DM Collins (poet, TV star, and L.A. RECORD ne’er-do-well) they will scare you into forgetting everything you thought you knew about live music. And as an added treat, they’ll be accompanied by Stephen Kalinich, the only poet ever produced by Brian Wilson, and the unofficial 8th member of the Beach Boys, who wrote songs for such albums as Friends and 20/20.

my babies do good sculptures, yeah.

In my youth, when I was on a limited budget and you couldn’t hear whole discographies for nothin’ on the internet, this song by the Rezillos was the tune that made me realize, hey, this is what I want, and I should go out and look for it.

Princeton: Remembrance of Things

I reviewed Princeton for L.A. RECORD–a very mixed review.

Raleigh Moncrief: Watered Lawn

I reviewed Raleigh Moncrief for L.A. RECORD.

metal box – public image limited

Out of the waving wheat that sure smells sweet comes Ignacious with another great review–this time his focus is on PiL and their opus Metal Box. Public Image Limited Concept Albums:  (1 of 3) – “METAL BOX”   Metal Box’s overrunning importance today, when issues as to the health of Mother Nature and planet Earth […]

Ron Asheton RIP

Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton was found dead today.  He was only 60. Though all obituaries about him will start by mentioning his work with the Stooges, including mine, I think perhaps he’d prefer to be remembered for some of his work without Iggy Pop.  So here it is, a track from his mid-seventies hard rock […]

The Haunted House of Horror

This is one of those films that you know kind of sucks but you still have to see.  I usually hate spoilers, but I just have to say it: Frankie Avalon gets stabbed through his dick in this movie!  There is a crotch stabbing, and the Big Kahuna gets it!  And you also get to […]

I don’t believe a Zappa on a Sunday!

I want to stress that I have had some friends who were uanbashed Zappa dorks.  Like, people who would claim his version of “Ring of Fire” was better than the Johnny Cash version.  Or who would sit around watching Zappa dick around on stage in 1983 with a bunch of drums and chimes.  I am not […]

Van Dyke Parks

I’ve been commissioned to write a review of Inara George and Van Dyke Parks, and I’m pretty stoked.  This dude worked on Smile, which is one of my favorite albums of all time (and I own thousands).  Most people put Pet Sounds in that category, but in my opinion, while Pet Sounds was a pioneering […]

Obama, don’t flip-flop when it comes to the war.

I was trying to write something lighthearted, to cheer me up after the crushing defeat the Democrats brought upon themselves and us today when the Senate voted for the FISA bill.  The thought struck me after reading the words of Howie Klein and company on Crooks and Liars that there’s another former musician/music curator, namely […]

the Zabriskie Point soundtrack

Yesterday, my baby and I rolled on out to the High Desert to Pappy & Harriet’s to see Winter Flowers, the Chapin Sisters, and a bunch of really amazing bands at the Manimal Festival. We left L.A. early, didn’t hit much traffic, and about an hour in I put in the first CD from the […]

Thee Makeout Party release an album!

I love Thee Makeout Party’s new record.  It’s called Play Pretend, and it’s coming out on Teenacide Records for the CD and Recess Records for the LP version (I used to be in a Teenacide band, so I got an early copy). Our one-time staffer Dan reviewed it over at L.A. Record.

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