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April 22, 1995: The Lepers Played Ikon, and I Puked on Some Jocks

In the late early mid-90s, I, along with a girl name Charlie, my friend Claire, an artist named Mike, our young mascot, Nads, and a couple other ne’er-do-well rebellious  young teens, put out an anonymous zine at Tulsa’s Booker T. Washington High School called “Butyraceous,” a funky-sounding name meaning “having the salubrious qualities of butter.” […]

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Thomas Pynchon and Porky Pig

Thomas Pynchon loves him some Porky Pig.  And this is why I have yet another reason to love YouTube. If you’re like me, you have a giant mental backlog of things you want to remember to look up on YouTube.  Now, most people, at least according to Patton Oswalt on Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil the other night, […]

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