Jessie Jones interview up on L.A. RECORD

This was a fun one: an interview with my old pal, Jessie Jones, who I first met seemingly yesterday when she was a teenager, a member of Feeding People, and now have to stand back and admire as a full-grown solo artist! Truth be told, the interview we did at Sage to prepare for this […]

Kim Fowley Story #1

I took the Cherie Currie album and walked right out the door, right up to Kim Fowley, and I pushed it in his face, interrupting his conversation, and I said, point blank, “Did YOU rape her?”

50 Shades of Grey helps me understand why I never trusted the movie adaptation of Secretary

If in Orwell’s 1984, the future is “a boot stamping on a human face—for ever,” our present is one in which our bosses make us lick their boots, and then trick us into thinking a few dirty coins make this not a misery, but a privilege. We shouldn’t be using James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhall to make it look, even in a minor way, like that’s something that can be reworked into a positive.

Here we have it: the worst rock and roll writing of all time.

“Best Songs that Sound Sexier with Scottish Accents?” Now, that I’d want to read!

Festival International du Film D’Amiens

If the film loving community of Tulsa could bring some of this energy back home, foment it, and keep it, perhaps someday we might not need to go abroad to appreciate our own film history or to champion it from out of state.

My Shuggie Otis interview is up at L.A. RECORD

Go read it. Thanks and thanks and thanks again to Brother Bobby Bones, who first introduced me to Shuggie’s music. -D. M. Collins 

my very, very long interview with Jimmy Espinoza of Thee Midnighters is up at L.A. RECORD.

Read it here. -D. M.  Collins

YACHT interview over at L.A. RECORD

This interview with YACHT was published on the website months ago now at this point. But it just came out in the street edition of L.A. RECORD, and so it’s as good a time as any to blog about it here. It was a lovely interview of a fun, very smart band. By the way, […]

interview with Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Somehow I was pulled into interviewing Tim Heidecker at the last minute for L.A. RECORD. I’m not saying I was unprepared, but I had only about 24 hours to get this together. He and I didn’t have my famous chemistry, and he had no interest in talking about the sexual inappropriateness of David Liebe Hart, […]

my Turbonegro interview is up on L.A. RECORD

If you ever wondered what my interviews look like without my fascistic editing process, read this.

I reviewed the Shrine et al at the Bootleg.

It’s up on the L.A. RECORD site.

I Somehow Fit Nazism and Skinny Dipping Into a Dating Article About Hiking

I wrote one of my personal favorite dating articles for Jazzed this week, and published it today–and it’s about cool hiking spots in L.A.!

Review of White Fence: Family Perfume, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Tim Presley puts out SOOOO much work! By the time I’m finished spinning one album, he’s recorded three more! For the most recent issue of L.A. RECORD, I put out an essay piece on Family Perfume, Vol.1 and Vol. 2. … these revelations, like his poetry, are buried knee-deep under his beloved layers of sonic […]

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