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Stephen Kalinich at A Rrose in a Prose – December 16

I first learned about Stephen Kalinich from a bootleg Brian Wilson CD that Bobb Bruno loaned to me years ago. I never imagined that the unknown man behind this strange, disembodied, beautiful voice would someday be a friend. This is a guy who writes poetry that feels like warm sunshine coming into your kitchen window […]

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Imaad Wasif

There was an L.A. Record presence at the show I went to with orangehairboy last night, and I was kind of shocked and horrified to open the most recent issue and see Bobb Bruno standing there in a photo next to Imaad Wasif.  I guess they’re playing together now.   Actually, Imaad Wasif can be […]

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Wildildlife and Goliath Bird Eater at the Smell

Just got back from seeing Wildildlife (yep, that’s the spelling) at the Smell.  My house is often the crash-pad for visiting bands coming through L.A., and for some reason, these guys have already been in town a time or two and stayed with me without my ever getting to see them live or knowing what the actual band […]

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Bobb Bruno

I love Bobb Bruno.  He’s a one man band who plays instrumental music with drum pads and samples, all the while dressed in a crazy Japanese bunny costume and surrounded by stuffed animals (one of them is a penguin disguised as a pig!).  He’s played with tons of bands and sat in on shows and […]

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