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Domenic Priore at a very special A Rrose in a Prose this Sunday!

This Sunday, December 20, at 2 p.m., a very special anti-Christmas (or is it pro-Christmas?) A Rrose in a Prose will be taking place at HM157, L.A.’s most beautiful Victorian mansion turned amazing, anything-can-happen venue.

And our guest of honor is a man sure to make us SMiLE: Domenic Priore!

photo courtesy of dublab

photo courtesy of dublab

Domenic is a gorgeous writer whose love of culture from the 60s and beyond has been an inspiration to many, especially record fans and not-so-long-ago history buffs. Dubbed by MOJO Magazine “the world’s foremost Smile-ologist,” Domenic Priore has written the definitive book on the entire experience of Brian Wilson’s once-lost masterpiece – from the original recording to the revival tour and beyond. He even wrote the liner notes of the 2011 Smile Sessions compilation, as well as those of the Nuggets L.A. box set! And his 2007 book, Riot on Sunset Strip, is to Los Angeles garage rock and psychedelia what The Odyssey is to sequels.

Come join Domenic and the many other amazing writers, poets, performers, comedians, and ne’er-do-wells as we celebrate Christmas by ignoring it completely (or not!) at A Rrose in a Prose this Sunday.


Here’s the lineup:

Domenic Priore (Riot on Sunset Strip, Dumb Angel)
Corey Saucier (Lambda Literary)
Nina Tarr (FROWNTOWN, Tenants of the Trees Comedy Show)
Ashaki Jackson, PhD (The Rusty Toque Prize Winner!)
Wyatt Underwood (365.365)
Alexander Weinberg (Love Blind)
… and surprise guests!

With music by Ruthann Friedman.

(Yes, she is the famous folk singer who wrote “Chinatown” and “Windy.” And yes, she’s also playing a show at this VERY same venue, the NIGHT BEFORE our own event. But the matinee show is completely different from her evening show—she’s just that good!)

As always, things are hosted by DM Collins (LA RECORD, BRGR TV) and Art Currim.

And as always, this event is FREE and ALL AGES!

Full Bar featuring Mimosas & Irish Coffee.

(But if you do want to bring a little Christmas cheer, bring some donations for HM157 —this fantastic venue was damaged out back by a fire several months ago, and we want to let them know it’s Christmas after all! There is a wish list of what-nots on the Facebook link below … Things like outdoor folding chairs & durable glassware.)

We’ll also be taking donations of canned goods and unwrapped, kid-friendly gifts for families in need this holiday season. But really, your presence is PRESENT enough for us! See you there.

@ HM157


Take a chance on Erasure!

If you don’t love at least a little bit of Erasure, you deserve to be dragged into the street and chopped into tiny pieces by mannequin babies that have been wished into life by satanists and now wield dull hatchet blades…


P.S. This was the first version of “Take a Chance on Me” I ever heard!


P.P.S. This was the first version of “S.O.S.” I ever heard:

My dog is in a Juiceboxxx video.

World, say hello to Valerie Solanas, my dog.

This is the new Juiceboxxx video, “The Saga Never Ends,” from his upcoming mixtape.

If Valerie just does four more videos, I think she’ll have a larger YouTube presence than me.

P.S. The reason I named her “Valerie Solanas” is that, when I first rescued her from the OC pound, she used to bark at MEN. A LOT. Especially manly men. I found out later that she does this because she LOVES men, but that’s another story…

I sent a get-well card and wound up with a corpse…

So, yesterday was A Rrose in a Prose, which was amazing and had wonderful performances by Ian MacKinnon, Drew Denny, Tom Neely, Flannery Lunsford, Justin Maurer, and myself.

But our guest of honor, Allison Anders, couldn’t be there–she had the sniffles and was a little under the weather.

I thought it would be fun to have the audience write her a get well letter, but not a conventional one–rather, we’d write it as an Exquisite Corpse, the dadaist game that if you don’t know by now, you must have had no fun in high school. Basically, you take a poem or story or drawing, one person starts it off, and the next person does the next little bit only getting to see where the connection is but not what the piece as a whole might be, not until it’s finished.

We opted for the prosaic Exquisite Corpse, where one person writes five lines, paragraph-style, and then passes it along to the next person, who only sees the fifth line and has to try and continue the thought. And it started off great, much like a get-well letter should be! But then very very quickly it descended into a place of madness, of darkness, sex, and depravity, so that I’m worried it will be like a Groundhog’s Day of health and scare Allison back into sickville! Truth be told, I think some of the people didn’t listen to my full instructions and thought they were writing a poem, not a get-well letter, which explains all the blood and cum. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to actually show this to Allison. Maybe she’ll stumble across it after she’s feeling a little better.

Here is the final piece we came up with. For the sake of clarity, I’m titling it:


Dear Allison,

My name is Mallison. I know, weird right? I’ve known many women named Allison (or Alison), and our relationships have been passionate and tempestuous. I hope my baby doesn’t wake up. Is that a non-sequitur? Perhaps, but I’m just being honest here.

We’re sitting here, relaxing, enjoying our coffee, and it’s the foremost thing on my mind. XXX. I want you to feel good! You have shared so much joy, inspired such creation. I’m closing my eyes & sending love and picturing you naked.

In the bathtub
drinking Coca-cola
and sending a fax to the

A nice medium for virtual sex
will get you better
in body and soul
electric spirit electric sex

Crazy girls make the best nest
Salami bitch and brazen whore
Trickster meets a lackluster boar
La la la baking with flour
Staring down the craven hour

You can see things coming into focus, sharp, clear, bright—then fluffy, cottony, floaty again, but this time it’s totally fun.

And the demons will be on the run. So many hearts need to be won! The world catches up to you. True blue indigo womb.

You fascinate the fascination of my body up against yours. Smashed in blood mixed with sweat.

I reach for you
drawing you in
licking the blood off your stomach

and all your mother’s insecurities

-Ryan Fuller, Drew Denny, Flannery Lunsford, Charles Mallison,  Greg Saunders, et al.

Coming up on March 24: A Rrose in a Prose: MAH!

After taking a hiatus in February due to Zine Fest and utter exhaustion, we’re back with a vengeance for March.

March 24, we’re bringing a huge crew of awesome authors, poets, essays, and artists of the printed page, including graphic novelist/comic book genius Tom Neely, of The BlotThe Wolf, and of course, the famed fan-fiction erotica Henry & Glenn Forever.

We’re also having a poem/performance from Ian MacKinnon! If you haven’t heard him or heard of him (e.g. from Ian MacKinnon’s Gay Hist-Orgy), then you must not have eyes or ears.

And don’t forget Allison Anders, who will be reading from her tumblr blog about owning Greta Garbo’s record collection.

And we’ve got Flannery Lunsford from Allison and Kurt Voss’ film Strutter, and a return visit from Justin Maurer, author of Seventeen Television (and, oh, like about a thousand awesome bands including Maniac, Clorox Girls, and L.A. Drugz). Don’t miss this one!

A Rrose in a Prose: MAH!

interview with Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Somehow I was pulled into interviewing Tim Heidecker at the last minute for L.A. RECORD. I’m not saying I was unprepared, but I had only about 24 hours to get this together. He and I didn’t have my famous chemistry, and he had no interest in talking about the sexual inappropriateness of David Liebe Hart, but I still got some great answers out of him, largely about his recent album. Read it here.

a new time, a new day for A Rrose Is a Rrose…

… and a new name!

Someone (not our group, that’s for sure) put some posters on some light poles downtown a couple months ago–at least FOUR of them! That’s completely illegal, and I say that anyone who does it should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, far more than a mere $312.

Yet the name in the city officials’ misspelled documents was so wonderful, I had to steal it. Serves those vandals right!

So, compelled by the spirit of Dadaism, our literature/poetry/memoir/erotica/essay/rant event is now called:

The next one is September 23. Please come.


Banjo picker and bluegrass pioneer Earl Scruggs passed away today in Nashville.

Scruggs’ son Gary said his father passed away Wednesday morning at a Nashville, Tenn., hospital. Gary Scruggs said his father died of natural causes.

He was a titan in his field, an innovator, and it was a supreme pleasure to interview Mr. Scruggs and his son Gary many years ago, as one of my first assignments for L.A. RECORD. He will be missed.

“I Need Love” – the least romantic song of all time?

I love old-school L.L. Cool J, but man, this has to be the opposite of a love song.  Who could possibly be wooed by these words?

But where you at?  You’re neither here or there.
I swear I can’t find you anywhere.
Damn sure you ain’t in my closet, or under my rug.
This love search is really making me bug!

I wonder if L.L. actually ever told a girl he wanted something “clean and unsoiled, yet sweaty and wet?”

Michael J. Nelson, why did you break my heart?

Okay, so this is a personal request, done late late late in the day.  But can I ask why one of my personal heroes is a right-wing fuck, and has been for years?

Well, let me say this, I read the National Review cover to cover.  Check in at every day.  Check the Washington Times daily.  Listen to Dennis Prager and Michael Medved on a regular basis.  Read Mark Steyn with regularity.  Read the Weekly Standard.  So, yes, I do vote Republican.  As the pundit Hugh Hewitt has observed, there are indeed two Americas: Serious America and Silly America.  The Democrats seem bent on turning this into Silly America, so I stick with those who wish this to remain Serious America.

 So, now that it’s six or so years since you said those flippant words, and Bush has proven to be the most wasteful, unconstitutional, and deceitful president we’ve ever had, can I get a retraction from the man whose comedy I love so dearly?  I can understand that as the writer and actor on an underdog show, Mike Nelson might have sympathy for Bush, a president whose lack of popularity surely puts him in the “cult following” category of presidents such as Fillmore or Taft.  But jeezuz, Nelson, your show is so much better than your politics.  Maybe your inability to see the continuity between Republican pro-rich policies and the current economic fiasco we’re in stems from watching all those plotless Coleman Francis movies?

The best thing I can say about Nelson is that because he never wore his politics on his sleeve, he was able to make me laugh, and poke fun at movies without revealing how truly enthused he was about some of their saccharine religious plot-points.  But jeezuz, your people destroyed our country.  I hope Joel Hodgson rips your heart out of your chest with his teeth and videotapes it, so he can make fun of it later.