Rep. John Lewis is a BADASS!

He has this look on his face like “Ha! I’ve been drinking water, but you racist cops will soon be gulping down your own shame, a shame reflected in the eyes of your children and their children for the rest of your life! P.S. I’m going to be a Congressman for most of the people in Atlanta! And I’m going to be in graphic novels!”

John Oliver, I love you.

I’m glad someone is preaching the healing truth about how fucked up our federal, state, and local governments have become, and how we’re making billions of dollars for private companies at the expense of the poor, and even at the expense of government. Thank you, John Oliver.

I’ve grown rather fond of Lee Camp.

This guy certainly has the potential to outshine Jon Stewart. We need more like him.

Martin Luther King is still my hero.

He forced racist police forces to show their true, cruel colors on television and got the world to condemn their actions (this latter lesson is one we need to learn).

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