the short voiceless “th” sound in the word “thinkrel”

The mass exportation of coffee and coffee substitutes throughout the Mediterranean replaced many local dialects with “Lingua Sanka.” You could say these languages “died in an instant,” though of course many more were brewing.

Stan Freberg R.I.P.

While I love rock ‘n’ roll, Stan Freberg was able to lampoon its own mumbling, monotonous excesses in a way that was ridiculously funny, precisely because he could replicate it so well on his comedy albums, with a gleeful mimicry not even Weird Al was capable of.

John Oliver, I love you.

I’m glad someone is preaching the healing truth about how fucked up our federal, state, and local governments have become, and how we’re making billions of dollars for private companies at the expense of the poor, and even at the expense of government. Thank you, John Oliver.

I’ve grown rather fond of Lee Camp.

This guy certainly has the potential to outshine Jon Stewart. We need more like him.

Video Games – A Real Discussion of a Misunderstood Medium

Repeat reader at A Rrose in a Prose (and former author here) Ross Lincoln is part of a really interesting panel discussion on the future of gaming. They cover everything from sexism to nerdism to a wish-list over the future of gaming, and while I don’t agree with everything all the panelists say, Ross is pretty […]

Emily Maya Mills at A Rrose in a Prose

Emily Maya Mills, and how she’ll never let her brother take over her band.

interview with Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Somehow I was pulled into interviewing Tim Heidecker at the last minute for L.A. RECORD. I’m not saying I was unprepared, but I had only about 24 hours to get this together. He and I didn’t have my famous chemistry, and he had no interest in talking about the sexual inappropriateness of David Liebe Hart, […]

A Rrose Is a Rrose – A Feather Boa of Words for the Drab Throat of L.A.

A Rrose Is a Rrose has everything, from poetry to confessional autobiography to music criticism to a marvelous idea for a new video game.

ARTHUR?!? Really? I draw a line in the fucking SAND!

Sorry, dear readers (of whom now most of you are dead, since it has been years since I’ve written anything, and I was always most popular among the restaurant patrons of Conrad’s in Pasadena) for my absence: I have been doing a “real” writing gig now for some time in a magazine and on a […]

trannies rule! thugs drool.

I have been living in a cloud of anger and frustration in both my personal life and when I watch the news.  The way well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning Democrats get heckled into submission by clowns on television and conspiracy-drum thumping Neanderthal hoodlums makes me want to PUKE! But at least somewhere in the world, some bullies […]

Michael J. Nelson, why did you break my heart?

Okay, so this is a personal request, done late late late in the day.  But can I ask why one of my personal heroes is a right-wing fuck, and has been for years? Well, let me say this, I read the National Review cover to cover.  Check in at Townhall.com every day.  Check the Washington […]

a little comedy from Fox News

This is so funny.  What’s the point in replying when the posts answer themselves? You arragont democrat.. I have been supporting my family and working and paying taxes for you stubid people way to long… and i have lost my job a few times.. every time your stubid democrats get in charge and mess the […]

I want Mike for Christmas!

Santa brought me the Young Ones on DVD, the OHM electronic music box-set, some cook books including The Veganomicon, and even winter snows!  But perhaps my favorite gift of the modern era is the internet, where I can go back and see strange clips from things I saw on telly when I was ten! I […]

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