Every time I go brush my teeth, every time I go pick up my dog’s poo from the living room, it’s like I’ll be in New York in the early 70s with these gender-bending beauties.

The Haunted House of Horror

This is one of those films that you know kind of sucks but you still have to see.  I usually hate spoilers, but I just have to say it: Frankie Avalon gets stabbed through his dick in this movie!  There is a crotch stabbing, and the Big Kahuna gets it!  And you also get to […]

Gary Glitter will be released from prison tomorrow

Gary Glitter’s finally getting out of jail for molesting an 11 and 12 year old girl. The disgraced 1970s pop star, 64, is due to be released from a prison in southern Vietnam on Tuesday, and is expected to be deported to Britain. I wish I could feel that Glitter had learned his lesson, but all signs […]

Van Dyke Parks

I’ve been commissioned to write a review of Inara George and Van Dyke Parks, and I’m pretty stoked.  This dude worked on Smile, which is one of my favorite albums of all time (and I own thousands).  Most people put Pet Sounds in that category, but in my opinion, while Pet Sounds was a pioneering […]

David Sanborn Marked For Death

I was listening to the David Bowie album David Live this morning, released in ’74 during the Diamond Dogs/Thin White Duke era.  While it’s interesting to hear Bowie in a live post-Spiders setting, singing with a soulful voice clearly ravaged by cocaine yet somehow earthy and even hopeful, I’m noticing that there is a hot, […]

The Origin of Bowie’s Eye Patch?

I was reading more of these amazing Mirabelle magazine diaries of Bowie’s from the early-mid Seventies, and found what I thought was an amazing bit of Bowie trivia about the whys and wherefores of his famous eyepatch:  Well, I promised you last week that I would tell you about my recent trip to Amsterdam where […]

Little Drummer Boy

I was getting a sandwich from the deli section of Whole Foods (literally standing behind the “making copies” guy, which was weird) when I realized that they were playing this Christmas ditty over the speakers: I don’t know why this particular Bing Crosby/David Bowie song caught the public imagination so strongly (you never hear any […]

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