Obama turns around on the issues we voted him in for?

Obama, I know that it’s sometimes necessary to turn to the center a bit after winning a primary. But after a week of seeing you vote for retroactive telecom immunity, talk smack about a straw man, er, woman in the abortion debate, supposedly provide less-than-universal care in your health plan, and even have it come to light that […]

Devo sues McDonald’s over “New Wave Nigel”

A month or so ago, my brother had a profound urge to send me a surprise gift package in the mail.  “Have you checked your mailbox?” he kept asking.  I finally got it and found out that he’d desperately wanted to send me this little guy.  See, I’m a huge Devo fan, and McDonald’s had […]

Devo and Sarah Jessica Parker!

In all my years as a Devotee, how did I never see this?  I never even heard about this show, which looks like what Rock and Roll High School might have been if John Hughes had directed it as a sitcom.  It came out when I was a little too young to appreciate it (1982-83), probably, or […]

Hardcore Devo

  Mark Mothersbaugh is on the cover of this week’s L.A. Weekly.  It’s an eight page article, and in it the author, Randall Roberts, describes one of the long-term employees at Mutato Inc. and his opinion of his boss’s vision: Miltenberg’s eager and enthusiastic about Mutato’s mission, and committed to helping Mothersbaugh build a business that […]

Ostrich Ink Interview with Mark Mothersbaugh

Looks like Ostrich Ink, the great online magazine written by a bunch of young Angelenos including myself, is kaput!  Kyle’s stopped paying for the domain, and all the archives are inaccessible.  I thought then that it might be a good idea to post here, as my first blog, an interview I did with Mark Mothersbaugh […]

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