My Blockhead review is up.

My review of Blockhead is up on the L.A. RECORD site.

Pete Shelley’s record label gets an all-inclusive box set: The Total Groovy

It’s easy and convenient for reviewers to say inflammatory things like “This makes the Buzzcocks look un-needed and unnecessary” but I almost believe it after hearing the amazing CDs I was sent from Drag City!

Milk and Sylvester and Neil Young!

I just saw Gus Van Sant’s Milk last night.  Of course it was great and moving and sad and informative.  And of course Sean Penn wowed us with his performance, even though we already knew it was going to be good. But amidst all the drama and sadness and history, I got a little nugget […]

Farfisa Hall of Fame – Rick Wright of Pink Floyd

One of my favorite keyboardists of all time, Rick Wright, died yesterday of cancer. For anyone who loves the early Pink Floyd sound and despises their later stuff, it’s worth noting that Roger Waters basically kicked Rick out of the band just as they were starting to suck, probably because Wright refused to suck as much as the Seventies […]

Farfisa Hall of Fame

I just picked up a copy of Cluster & Eno, the collaborative effort between Brian Eno and the electronic Krautrock duo Cluster recorded in 1977.  It’s beautiful, atmospheric music that doesn’t seem blah or prog, and it’s delightfully repetitive even though there were no sequencers used, just echo machines, tape recorders, guitars, bass (sometimes played […]

Obama turns around on the issues we voted him in for?

Obama, I know that it’s sometimes necessary to turn to the center a bit after winning a primary. But after a week of seeing you vote for retroactive telecom immunity, talk smack about a straw man, er, woman in the abortion debate, supposedly provide less-than-universal care in your health plan, and even have it come to light that […]

Wuthering Heights

I went to the Summer Camp event this weekend and caught some great performances by Electrocute, the Lady Tigra, and We Are the World.  But perhaps the most sugary sweet treat to watch was Jer Ber Jones, the electroclash drag queen (no, not that one) who wears a Dee Snyder wig and tall tall heels.  He […]

Meho Plaza has a song up on Pitchfork Media

I’ve loved this band for a while now.  And not just because James, the drummer, plays on both real drums and drum pads, reminds me a bit of Terry Bozzio, and had the sense to leave Kill Hannah years ago because they suck.  Meho Plaza’s new material seems to be getting better and better, too (though […]

Luigi Russolo’s intonarumori

Another great purchase I got at Amoeba this weekend was Musica Futurista: The Art of Noises, a compilation of Futurist speeches, original recordings, and recreations of music and noise composed by the Italian Futurist ringleader F.T. Marinetti, as well as Silvio Mix, Franco Casavola, Francesco Balilla Pratella, and a bunch of other crazy Italian artist […]

Poeme Symphonique for 100 Metronomes

I went with my girlfriend to Amoeba Records this weekend–and of course, we both easily spent over a hundred dollars on records we previously never knew existed, yet could not afford to pass up.  But one of my purchases was a premeditated conquest.  For a few years now, I’ve been selectively collecting the works of Gyorgy […]

DJ Nobody – L.A. Record interview

Back in the day, when I DJ’d at dublab, I was the resident garage rock guy.  I spun old Back From the Grave and Pebbles tunes, played rare Warlocks stuff I recorded live when they were just starting out, and had interviews with members of the Raymen and Fuzztones. I was a far cry from […]

Abaco Dream – Sly and the Family Stone’s electronic secret

My gal got me an iPod for Christmas, and sometimes when I try to play my songs randomly, it starts playing bands in alphabetical order instead. That means Abaco Dream is the first band to play.  And this band is so fucking awesome, I just have to sit and listen each time until it’s done. […]

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