“Manchester and Vermont” – an exquisite corpse.

here is the exquisite corpse we created at last month’s amazing event. It’s written by virtually everyone who was in attendance at A Rrose in a Prose last month, and it goes from dark to political to comic. It’s almost like life in reverse!

an exquisite corpse: “A Slip of Something Clever”

On February 8, our crew met at Stories Books for a damned fine A Rrose in a Prose. Today we’re having another one, so this exquisite corpse from February is going up just in time, I hope, to whet our appetite for the Dadaist venture we’re oh so soon to face! Happy Daylight Savings’ Time …


… we all wrote a poem together by thinking of a word and then saying our words one by one in a random order. I think I’m going to call this format “Train Car Corpse.”

The Glass Eye, and the Horse in the Bowl – an exquisite corpse

I don’t consider myself a writer at all, but I got a venereal disease anyway… Susan’s glass eye will have to be the next offering.

Deaf to the Super Heat: an exquisite corpse

She was well-liked by you, too—in that deadly moment,

When someone new appears to sparkle in your vision,

And you know you are just fucked.

Exquisite Corpse: Roots Ask No Permission

At every Rrose in a Prose, we try and write an exquisite corpse. Most take the form of, well, prose. But this month’s turned out to be a poem, and it’s pretty amazing.   Roots Ask No Permission   Roots ask no permission to take hold; They only need an environment.   I want to […]

I sent a get-well card and wound up with a corpse…

It started off great, much like a get-well letter should be! But then very very quickly it descended into a place of madness, of darkness, sex, and depravity, so that I’m worried it will be like a Groundhog’s Day of health and scare Allison back into remission!

an Exquisite Corpse, August 19: “Sacred Jewel”

It’s getting harder and harder to find a quality crucifix.

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