Farfisa Hall of Fame – Rick Wright of Pink Floyd

One of my favorite keyboardists of all time, Rick Wright, died yesterday of cancer. For anyone who loves the early Pink Floyd sound and despises their later stuff, it’s worth noting that Roger Waters basically kicked Rick out of the band just as they were starting to suck, probably because Wright refused to suck as much as the Seventies […]

Farfisa Hall of Fame

I just picked up a copy of Cluster & Eno, the collaborative effort between Brian Eno and the electronic Krautrock duo Cluster recorded in 1977.  It’s beautiful, atmospheric music that doesn’t seem blah or prog, and it’s delightfully repetitive even though there were no sequencers used, just echo machines, tape recorders, guitars, bass (sometimes played […]

the Satelliters have a new video

This is one of my favorite garage bands from Germany–and I’m including the Monks and the early Beatles in that list!  The Satelliters discs on Dionysus have always rocked, and this new video’s tremolo keyboards don’t disappoint.

Farfisa Hall of Fame

It’s been a rough couple days as far as money goes–most people in this country can relate, I’m sure! To cheer myself up, I’m creating a new category of blog, in which I’m celebrating my favorite songs that incorporate the mightiest of all electric keyboards, the Farfisa!  The first inductee for Farfisa Hall of Fame […]

the Zabriskie Point soundtrack

Yesterday, my baby and I rolled on out to the High Desert to Pappy & Harriet’s to see Winter Flowers, the Chapin Sisters, and a bunch of really amazing bands at the Manimal Festival. We left L.A. early, didn’t hit much traffic, and about an hour in I put in the first CD from the […]

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