“Sleeves Where Legs Should Go” at the Down n Out Lit Fest I

Here is me, downtown at the Last Book Store, reading a poem that I was convinced might never see the light of day again.


My friend DJ Algonquin just clued me into this amazing site, wherein are listed hundreds of manifestos, many of them accessible via various links.  Of course, me, I’ve got a lot of art manifestos in book form at home, but not so many political or religious ones.  This site has everything, from Rayonism to Luigi […]

Marcel Duchamp and Theresa Stern

Okay, so we visited the Norton Simon today, and to be honest, the Duchamp exhibit was a bit small.  All the stuff was from the museum’s permanent collection, and though his twirling paintings-in-motion that had not been exhibited since 1963 were pretty incredible (perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, actually), I think the leeches at the Tate Modern […]

Marcel Duchamp Redux at the Norton Simon

The Marcel Duchamp Redux exhibit is showing at the Norton Simon right now, the museum that once was the Pasadena Art Museum and which hosted Duchamp’s spectacular first retrospective in 1963.  And this Sunday at 4 there’ll be lectures and fun to be had, so I’m definitely going. They’re showing a dozen pieces from Duchamp’s history, including […]

Luigi Russolo’s intonarumori

Another great purchase I got at Amoeba this weekend was Musica Futurista: The Art of Noises, a compilation of Futurist speeches, original recordings, and recreations of music and noise composed by the Italian Futurist ringleader F.T. Marinetti, as well as Silvio Mix, Franco Casavola, Francesco Balilla Pratella, and a bunch of other crazy Italian artist […]

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