Alice Cooper was a legit gay/bi/pan ally back in the 70s!

“I think in the future everyone will be bisexual. And everything would be so much simpler then – you’d just make love with anyone you liked, and it wouldn’t matter what sex they were, and maybe it also wouldn’t matter what color they were, or what age, or anything, except that you liked them.”

you know who I’d really like to have sex with?

Noddy. A young Noddy Holder from Slade. He could just loosen his braces, slip the plaids down a bit, make me “feel the noise,” then hoist things back up and just go right back to rockin’. It’s all good by me. I’m going to bet good money that when he pulls down his britches, batches […]

Gay Music Revolution Saturday, August 29!

If you don’t enjoy seeing giant cocks explain to you why the Screamers and Buzzcocks are in the same sticky stream of history as Ma Rainey and Lesley Gore and Schubert and Little Richard … then you are not fucking punk rock.


Every time I go brush my teeth, every time I go pick up my dog’s poo from the living room, it’s like I’ll be in New York in the early 70s with these gender-bending beauties.

Ron Asheton RIP

Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton was found dead today.  He was only 60. Though all obituaries about him will start by mentioning his work with the Stooges, including mine, I think perhaps he’d prefer to be remembered for some of his work without Iggy Pop.  So here it is, a track from his mid-seventies hard rock […]

Slade beats Simon LeBon at Christmas!

It’s fifteen minutes until Christmas!  Enjoy it the Slade way.  From The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer…

Washington Flyers – “The Comets Are Coming”

This song was stuck in my head all damned morning: I guess the guy who spearheaded this song was later in the punk band Masterswitch, who were also fated to clutter up tracks sixteen and nineteen of various compilation releases.  I think I prefer this glam tune, which reminds me of an eighties Saturday morning cartoon theme!

Gary Glitter will be released from prison tomorrow

Gary Glitter’s finally getting out of jail for molesting an 11 and 12 year old girl. The disgraced 1970s pop star, 64, is due to be released from a prison in southern Vietnam on Tuesday, and is expected to be deported to Britain. I wish I could feel that Glitter had learned his lesson, but all signs […]

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