scientists are literally cloning wooly mammoth elephant hybrids to turn loose in the Arctic!

Big hairy beasts like the mammoth were keeping the cycle of life in check by promoting the right kinds of grasslands, as well as allowing cool air to get in under the snow and keep the ice pack icy. So their ecological footprint was a carbon neutral one, despite the methane. 


I’m so sad to hear what Texas and the Gulf have gone through in the wake of Hurricane Ike.  True, it’s not nearly as bad in terms of human loss as what happened with Katrina–and I’m glad to hear the population of Galveston has undergone only four reported deaths, a far cry from the 8,000 […]

Obama talks some common sense

Chagrined as I have been regarding Obama’s immediate shift to the right following his becoming the presumptive nominee, I’ve been further incensed that he’s letting himself get pushed around by the press and the Republicans, who’ve goaded him into looking like a whiner.  That’s why it’s great to see him showing some chutzpah in this […]

Lake Mead might be bone dry by 2021

The water system that bathes the Southwest in water as well as powers most of our electricity (via the Hoover Dam’s turbines) is already at half capacity, and could be kaput by the time you were planning on selling that new house in San Diego you just bought. The study’s findings indicated that there is a […]

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