New to Rrose – this rapper, this Sunday: VerBS

Can VerBS HANDLE the challenge of mixing it up round robin style with poets and writers of all styles, ages, and various social maladies?

Dâm-Funk and Snoopzilla – 7 Days of Funk

Did you know that sometimes I teach kids how to write about music? It’s true. And the below is a very CLEAN version of a review that originally appeared in L.A. RECORD a few months back. Hope the kids like it!

some more reviews are up on L.A. RECORD….

Check out my reviews of the Groms and Dum Dum Girls and the Snoop Dog/Dâm-Funk collaboration known as 7 Days of Funk.

My dog is in a Juiceboxxx video.

World, say hello to Valerie Solanas, my dog. This is the new Juiceboxxx video, “The Saga Never Ends,” from his upcoming mixtape. If Valerie just does four more videos, I think she’ll have a larger YouTube presence than me. P.S. The reason I named her “Valerie Solanas” is that, when I first rescued her from the […]

Myka 9 and Factor review is up…

…at L.A. RECORD.

Nocando at A Rrose in a Prose

Nocando graced us with his presence last month–he recited three rhymes from his past, including this early one. This month’s event is on Sunday, October 21. I hope to see everyone there!

a new time, a new day for A Rrose Is a Rrose…

… compelled by the spirit of Dadaism, our literature/poetry/memoir/erotica/essay/rant event is now called “A Rrose in a Prose.”

My Blockhead review is up.

My review of Blockhead is up on the L.A. RECORD site.

The Koreatown Oddity – one of the best unsolicited “hey man, listen to my cassette” albums it has been my joy to review.

… one of the best unsolicited “hey man, listen to my cassette” albums it has been my joy to review.

“I Need Love” – the least romantic song of all time?

I love old-school L.L. Cool J, but man, this has to be the opposite of a love song.  Who could possibly be wooed by these words? But where you at?  You’re neither here or there. I swear I can’t find you anywhere. Damn sure you ain’t in my closet, or under my rug. This love search is really […]

Public Enemy and Anthrax

My main man Dan, the sexiest of all L.A. Record contributors, got to interview Chuck D last week!  And the interview is in the print version of the magazine. But one of his questions that didn’t make the cut was about Public Enemy and Anthrax collaborating on a version of “Bring the Noise!”  I know that […]

Slick Rick pardoned eleven years after the fact

Governor Paterson of New York announced May 23rd that Slick Rick is pardoned for shooting his cousin and another dude in 1990.  He already served five years, and has been out of jail since 1997, but I guess better late than never: “Mr. Walters has fully served the sentence imposed upon him for his convictions, […]

Peanut Butter Wolf

Last weekend was so crazily drenched in booze, I’m still trying to sort out what happened. At some point I stumbled into Amoeba Records, and Peanut Butter Wolf just happened to be doing an in-store performance.  He seemed to be either mixing video, or mixing music to a pre-edited video.  For the most part, I […]

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