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Jessie Jones interview up on L.A. RECORD

This was a fun one: an interview with my old pal, Jessie Jones, who I first met seemingly yesterday when she was a teenager, a member of Feeding People, and now have to stand back and admire as a full-grown solo artist! Truth be told, the interview we did at Sage to prepare for this […]

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My Shuggie Otis interview is up at L.A. RECORD

Go read it. Thanks and thanks and thanks again to Brother Bobby Bones, who first introduced me to Shuggie’s music. -D. M. Collins 

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my very, very long interview with Jimmy Espinoza of Thee Midnighters is up at L.A. RECORD.

Read it here. -D. M.  Collins

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Stephen Kalinich interview

It was quite a joy to interview someone of his light, enthusiasm, and history. He’s a true American poet, and I love him to death.

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interview with Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Somehow I was pulled into interviewing Tim Heidecker at the last minute for L.A. RECORD. I’m not saying I was unprepared, but I had only about 24 hours to get this together. He and I didn’t have my famous chemistry, and he had no interest in talking about the sexual inappropriateness of David Liebe Hart, […]

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Interview: The Shrine

I can’t listen to these guys without slapping my knees and looking like an idiot, yet I don’t care. This is music I listen to best when wearing a vest with buttons on it.

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Will the Republicans rig the election in McCain’s favor?

Reading this recent interview with Greg Palast, I have to come to terms once again with the grim but true fact that Republicans are rigging EVERY possible county’s election that they can in this country, using the political bulimia of binge and purge to make sure Dems’ votes don’t count.  The Rethugs did it in Florida […]

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Miranda July – “How to Tell Stories to Children”

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I cracked open my Dave Eggers-edited The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2007 and plunged into the story where I’d left my bookmark three weeks ago. The story ended up being about an older woman and her motherly relationship with the child of some of her friends, a third-person account […]

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Pocahaunted and the silent screen

I picked up a recent print version of L.A. Record from the floor of our house (left there by one of our constant steams of guests and well-wishers) and saw that local L.A. noise band Pocahaunted was on the cover.  Though I prefer their previous incarnation, Knit Witch (R.I.P. or on hiatus?), I’m glad to see these gals have been playin’ out […]

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On Holiday – Marianne’s getting her act together and taking her show down the road

Almost everybody who was at USC at the same time as me is now doing something incredible. Example of the day: Marianne Williams, who lived in the house right next door to my crack house in college, is now doing a great solo thang called On Holiday.  It’s evolved in the last couple years from lo-fi recordings of […]

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