electoral hanky-panky in Alaska? where are all those votes?

I read an interesting post today from Shannyn Moore: looks like there may be some serious missing votes in Alaska.  No proof here, folks, but she does present quite a head-scratcher. This year, early voters set a new record. As of last Thursday, with 4 days left to vote early, 15,000 Alaskans showed up-shattering the old […]

John McCain’s Vietcong torturer!

I am so going to hell for laughing at this.

Palin goes from most to least popular candidate

The favorability ratings for Sarah Palin slipped over just the course of this week.  Sure, the lustre of a charming female candidate from a rugged and mysterious state initially gave McCain a huge boost and stole Obama’s post-speech podium power.  But in the sober light of day, the more we know about Sarah Palin, the less we like: […]

Sarah Palin condoned mistreatment of rape victims in Wasilla

Isn’t it funny how much fetid crap there is to talk about when it comes to Sarah Palin?  McCain would be a terrible leader, but Sarah Palin is a retarded, hypocritical, abortion-hating, moralizing moose-shooter who can’t keep her hands out of questionable funds. And now I learn that under her watch, the police chief she appointed charged women […]

McCain’s doublethink – a new video from Bob Greenwald

Thanks to John Taplin’s Blog for letting me know about this video!  This beats even Rush Limbaugh for hypocrisy and constant self-contradiction (or what some people call “bald-faced lying”).

What the hell is wrong with people in this country?

How could this be allowed to happen?  Have you people all got amnesia?  Or do you just roll whichever way the mainstream media slants?

John McCain’s wife is a thieving drug addict!

..or at least she used to be.  Now, I know there’s gotta be some chronic abuse of pharmaceuticals amongst the readers of Nuclear Rays, but I doubt y’all steal from charities to do it. Cindy’s biggest claim to fame is in 1989 she developed an addiction to percocet and vicodin, two powerful morphine based pain killers. […]

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