In 2008, Voxhaul Broadcast called me a “tard” and told me to “suck their dick.” Five years later, they still have no soul.

Sad to say, in the past five years you haven’t done anything to prove you’re not still talentless, unimaginative hacks barely hanging onto your Nicolas Sparks soundtrack gigs because you’re halfway cute and have a good agent.

Wuthering Heights

I went to the Summer Camp event this weekend and caught some great performances by Electrocute, the Lady Tigra, and We Are the World.  But perhaps the most sugary sweet treat to watch was Jer Ber Jones, the electroclash drag queen (no, not that one) who wears a Dee Snyder wig and tall tall heels.  He […]

Rachael Ray terrorizes with more than just a scarf!

Sure, Rachael Ray may have dressed for a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial in a scarf Arafat-esque enough to piss off Michelle Malkin and her fried-pastry fascists… Dunkin’ Donuts was accused of promoting terrorism, thanks to the wardrobe choices of Rachael Ray, its celebrity spokesman, during an online advertisement. According to the bloggers, she had decided to […]

Voxhaul Broadcast knows no humility/grammar.

Our one-time correspondent, Dan, has published his first review at losanjealous.com.  It’s from a show at the Echoplex on Saturday night. He talks a bunch about Earlimart, and one of their opening bands, Siggy.  But when he refused to review a band called Voxhaul Broadcast, because he couldn’t remember any of their songs (they were […]

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