Liberation Day

I would not own you. But how you love a uniform.

my babies do good sculptures, yeah.

In my youth, when I was on a limited budget and you couldn’t hear whole discographies for nothin’ on the internet, this song by the Rezillos was the tune that made me realize, hey, this is what I want, and I should go out and look for it.

what NOT to do on Facebook after getting dumped

So… I had this idea to make a viral article, something that could be shared in its entirety as an image on Facebook or wherever (but mostly Facebook).

ADD and dating are awesome together!

I’m so proud of my horrible malady that I wrote this article about why you should date someone with ADD! Read it. And then I guess date me?

Sad songs say so much … e.g. “put your head in the oven.”

I wrote an article for Jazzed.com: 10 Silly Songs that Morph into Soul-Shattering Screeds of Truth after a Breakup. Go read it. Or I’m breaking up with you. … and yes, One Direction is in it. And Elvis. And my high school girlfriend.

I Somehow Fit Nazism and Skinny Dipping Into a Dating Article About Hiking

I wrote one of my personal favorite dating articles for Jazzed this week, and published it today–and it’s about cool hiking spots in L.A.!

Mary Wollestonecraft feminism on Jazzed.com

I couldn’t help myself–this article just poured right out of me.

A Joshua Tree Desert Vacation

It’s a kind of weekender-recommendation article that talks about the Joshua Tree Inn, Pappy & Harriet’s, the Integratron, et al.

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