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Alice Cooper was a legit gay/bi/pan ally back in the 70s!

“I think in the future everyone will be bisexual. And everything would be so much simpler then – you’d just make love with anyone you liked, and it wouldn’t matter what sex they were, and maybe it also wouldn’t matter what color they were, or what age, or anything, except that you liked them.”

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Judas Priest vs. Iron Maiden

For those of us who spend a lot of time on social media (i.e. all of us), things have been pretty heavy recently. So let’s make things even heavier!┬áIt’s high time we find a scientific solution to the question that’s been dividing our country ever since Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan: Who is better, […]

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my Turbonegro interview is up on L.A. RECORD

If you ever wondered what my interviews look like without my fascistic editing process, read this.

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Interview: The Shrine

I can’t listen to these guys without slapping my knees and looking like an idiot, yet I don’t care. This is music I listen to best when wearing a vest with buttons on it.

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The Shrine’s awesome demo got done reviewed by ME, son!

Read it and weep … but not into a pool, ‘cuz those things are better bone dry, according to the Shrine.

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