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the Trashwomen at Mr. T’s Bowl

We just saw the Trashwomen at Budget Rock at Mr. T’s Bowl. Jeezuz Christ, was it good.  It was so good, it was like reliving some wonderful time in my life that never actually existed.  While they made a lot of mistakes, that only made it more authentic, more had-to-be-there.  It was like the surf […]

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one more month until the Trashwomen play Los Angeles!

Specifically, they’re playing Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park!  I can’t believe how awesome this is.  Imagine your favorite underground band that was active in your college years that you never got to see.  Then modify that by maybe a thousand and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I actually had a panic attack this […]

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Nikki Corvette at Mr. T’s

My main man Danny just blogged about Friday’s Real Boss Hoss celebration at Mr. T’s, over on the L.A. Record.  I was there as well, but had seen some of these bands last week already, so it was interesting to get a fresh perspective. While Danny does give lots of well-deserved praise to the opening band, Some Dudes [that’s their real […]

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