Michael J. Nelson, why did you break my heart?

Okay, so this is a personal request, done late late late in the day.  But can I ask why one of my personal heroes is a right-wing fuck, and has been for years? Well, let me say this, I read the National Review cover to cover.  Check in at Townhall.com every day.  Check the Washington […]

Beverly Garland RIP

Beverly Garland died this week.  The press remembers her mostly for her television work, and as a Roger Corman B-movie actress. I remember her as both!  Who can forget Swamp Diamonds on Mystery Science Theater 3000? And let’s not be hasty and forget Gunslinger!

Cinematic Titanic–MST3K returns bigger than bejeezus!

Over the weekend, I took my honey lamb out to the Ford Amphitheater for a little Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunion called “Cinematic Titanic,” an event that had roughly 2/3 of the cast of MST3K talking over a movie, live.  It was kind of weird, hanging out with lots of upper-middle class people in their […]

Who Says a Good Action Sequence Doesn’t Belong at Christmas?

In creating my list of potential all-time best Christmas songs, I omitted one of my faves!  How could I forget MST3K’s “Patrick Swayze Christmas?” There’s no tradition like a new tradition! This is from “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians,” which is not nearly as good as “Santa Claus,” but whatevs.

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