A Rrose in a Prose Literary Salon this Sunday: Your Heroes Are Dicks

When I was a teenager, I had a wonderful mentor who helped me tremendously in becoming the public speaker and champion of the logical alternative that I am today. But later, when I was an adult, I learned he was accused of “indiscretions” with a juvenile and fired from his job. Sound familiar?  Let’s not […]

can the media bias against Dems get any worse?

I expect bias from the Fox News folks (more on Victoria Jackson later), but why are all the press rooms today full of malarkey stories about Obama’s “earmarks,” as though Republicans aren’t asking for some of the biggest earmarks, and as though a bill with 1.9% of its money going to earmarks is somehow full […]

Obama’s “Sunlight Before Signing”

What a nightmare we’ve been in!  It’s been such a joy today to realize that the Bush administration is finally over. One of the best things I got to do today was peruse the new whitehouse.gov site!  Besides just generally looking awesome now that Whistle-ass’s face is off the damned thing, it’s really informative and […]

Blagojevich defies all reason and logic and appoints Roland Burris to replace Obama for Illinois’s Senate seat

Arg!  This makes me so mad!  What good does it to do Blagojevich to appoint Roland Burris now, at a time when the corruption charges leveled agaisnt Blagojevich ensures his nomination will never see a seat in the Senate honored? Former State Attorney General Burris isn’t a terrible choice, and he’s a choice that Governor Blagojevich could […]

electoral hanky-panky in Alaska? where are all those votes?

I read an interesting post today from Shannyn Moore: looks like there may be some serious missing votes in Alaska.  No proof here, folks, but she does present quite a head-scratcher. This year, early voters set a new record. As of last Thursday, with 4 days left to vote early, 15,000 Alaskans showed up-shattering the old […]

my predictions for Fox News and Republican spin

Now that Obama will soon be President, and will have a relatively safe Democratic majority in Congress to help him implement a new and progressive vision for America, look out for the biggest punditory flip-flop in recent history.  Conservative talking heads will soon be bending over backwards to contradict everything they ever espoused about how the […]

McCain loses out at Galco’s Old Time Grocery

Galco’s, the world-famous soda pop stop on York in Highland Park, is my favorite place to get Jolt Cola, Manhattan Specials, and the hottest ginger ale known to man.  That’s why I was pretty shocked, and a little hurt, to walk in earlier today and see shelf upon shelf of this soda:       […]

Will the Republicans rig the election in McCain’s favor?

Reading this recent interview with Greg Palast, I have to come to terms once again with the grim but true fact that Republicans are rigging EVERY possible county’s election that they can in this country, using the political bulimia of binge and purge to make sure Dems’ votes don’t count.  The Rethugs did it in Florida […]

Hey Jews! Help Obama by seeing your grandmama!

A plea for help from my Jewish friends.  From Sarah Silverman.

Palin goes from most to least popular candidate

The favorability ratings for Sarah Palin slipped over just the course of this week.  Sure, the lustre of a charming female candidate from a rugged and mysterious state initially gave McCain a huge boost and stole Obama’s post-speech podium power.  But in the sober light of day, the more we know about Sarah Palin, the less we like: […]

Obama talks some common sense

Chagrined as I have been regarding Obama’s immediate shift to the right following his becoming the presumptive nominee, I’ve been further incensed that he’s letting himself get pushed around by the press and the Republicans, who’ve goaded him into looking like a whiner.  That’s why it’s great to see him showing some chutzpah in this […]

Obama, don’t flip-flop when it comes to the war.

I was trying to write something lighthearted, to cheer me up after the crushing defeat the Democrats brought upon themselves and us today when the Senate voted for the FISA bill.  The thought struck me after reading the words of Howie Klein and company on Crooks and Liars that there’s another former musician/music curator, namely […]

Obama turns around on the issues we voted him in for?

Obama, I know that it’s sometimes necessary to turn to the center a bit after winning a primary. But after a week of seeing you vote for retroactive telecom immunity, talk smack about a straw man, er, woman in the abortion debate, supposedly provide less-than-universal care in your health plan, and even have it come to light that […]

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